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Watch Me Build An Affiliate Marketing Campaign Using Facebook Ads [Clickbank]

Are you trying to find an associate marketing project instance? In this video, you will see just how to construct a campaign utilizing Facebook Ads from the ground up.

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The Clickbank associate network is a wonderful platform to begin as a beginner because it is very easily accessible and also simple to get authorized.

In this video clip, you will certainly see a live project build which I streamed in my Facebook team.

Beginning to finish it took virtually one hour to set everything up.

That includes the looking on Clickbank for the offers, the image choice, the duplicate, the advertisement creation and also constructing out the channel. All this while considering the whole approach.

As you can see it's not that challenging, constructing campaigns is the simple part.

All you need to do is a test till you locate what works!

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19 Thoughts to “Watch Me Build An Affiliate Marketing Campaign Using Facebook Ads [Clickbank]”

  1. What Is Hot Today

    First View!!!

    1. What Is Hot Today

      Lol I always see ppl post those comments, why not seize the opportunity lol but correction, I always win when I watch your videos. You give a ton of knowledge and I really appreciate all you do man

  2. مسلسل الاصطدام

    You work just with fb ads there is no another way

    1. مسلسل الاصطدام

      My fb ads was blocked

  3. Abdirahman ibrahim

    Was weer informatief💪🏾

  4. Prodip Sarkar

    Hey Colin.. It’s great to see your training! I want to know about mail body including book… Is it just redirect to that paid plr book or anything else….

  5. Theron Dajuste

    Man You Give Away $1997 or More Of Value Every Week… Your info is Kick A$$…

  6. Mr AG

    I love these step by step over the shoulder trainings…that’s the best way to learn in my opinion…you literally show everything which is amazing.
    Thank you for all the value!

  7. Infinity group

    Hi Collin can u please make video on how analyse Facebook data in simple math so all newbie understand easily .

    1. Infinity group

      @Colin Dijs I want particularly on affiliate , I don,t Find Any good one tell in details. You teaching style much better then others if you take a time please make a video on this .It really help to the all your subscribers . Thanks for your reply

  8. Shivam Yadav

    hello sir i wanna ask you a question that is “i am a beginner in affiliate marketing industry and  i wanna also start a social media for my audience like instagram so how can i do that actually i use fb ads for my affiliate links so , can you please tell me the best way to put my social media handle (instagram) id or stuff like that and how i start instagram and what kind of niche i should taken for instagram please suggest me i am little bit confused

  9. Angad Kapoor

    Colin, what’s the cost of clickfunnels if I need squeeze page and autoresponder both from their side?

  10. Al Frewson

    good stuff ! keep up the good work, thanks for the free info

  11. algerian eagle

    whats your facebook groupe name ?

  12. Wingler Abraham

    Can I ask 2 questions?

    1. If we run ads for various offers of different niches. Do we need to create separate Facebook page for each niche?
    2. Facebook will review our landing page and may reject the ads sometimes. is it problem too if we use Clickfunnels Landing page?
    3. You added Clickbank affiliate link on Thank You page. But on Auto response email we sent only include link to the Ebook. Will we send other emails to them regularly with Clickbank link included?

  13. Lazaros Paraskeuopoulos

    beside the Clickfunnels which site you recommend for sale funnels

  14. Vlada Rodic

    Collin is that footer your thing or is by default on Clickfunnel’s set up, and I noticed you don’t cloak your link?
    I am confused a little bit for not cloaking?

  15. Colin Dijs

    Are you struggling to get conversions with Facebook Ads?😱 Schedule a FREE 15-minute call with my team 😍👉 http://www.colinrecommends.com/free-15mincall

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