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Watch Me Build A Home Insurance CPA Marketing Campaign using Facebook Ads [Maxbounty]

Wish to know just how to run Insurance coverage deals utilizing Facebook Advertisements? In this video clip, you will see an online Certified Public Accountant advertising and marketing campaign construct utilizing Maxbounty!

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* You can assume that I will get a compensation for anything I advise. Any kind of revenues or earnings representations are aspirational declarations only and results are not normal. There is no assurance that you'll obtain the exact same outcomes or any kind of results at all. Your results will depend completely on your job principles. These videos are for educational functions only.




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29 Thoughts to “Watch Me Build A Home Insurance CPA Marketing Campaign using Facebook Ads [Maxbounty]”

  1. Wolfganf Müller

    Great Content KEEP IT UP !

  2. Daren Lovejoy

    love these video, thank you!

  3. Ez Vid

    Facebook approve insurance ads?

    1. Ez Vid

      I am in ur FB group but in different name.

  4. Mandobird1

    Colin, why don’t you pre-select for “my approved offers” in search options? Then, you don’t have to waste time looking for offers to run immediately.

  5. iQiQi

    Hi Colin, thanks for your video! I have a questions about take paid survey offers on MaxBounty, what’s your advice about getting a higher CR rate? It’s like questionnaire landing page that mention in your video.

  6. Robz Kello Streamz

    Hey Colin, does Maxbounty accept affiliates from Kenya?

    1. Peter Gitao

      yes it does i am from kenya an have a maxbounty account

    2. Robz Kello Streamz

      @Peter Gitao did they call you for questions and are you making sales?

    3. Peter Gitao

      @Robz Kello Streamz yes they did call me for a short interview and then approved my account.

  7. Zuber Khan

    Hello colin i am starting max bounty 1 month but i am no lead no sala and i am losing my money plz help me bro

  8. Wex

    Did you have any profit with this campaign?

  9. E- RoyalCart

    hey, can you tell me that landing page is obvious??
    can I promote direct offer?

    1. E- RoyalCart

      @Colin DijsI have my own custom domain. they always approve my ads but I don’t know how to work on it?

  10. Lorenzo Gnesutta

    In your video you have set budget to 24 dollars. If I want to start Cpa can I run 5 dollars for day campaign and start getting some results?

    1. Vlada Rodic

      5 dollar campign are for testing and a lot of them.
      you need at least 50$daily


    Are FB allow home insurance offer?

  12. Gurer Guncan

    Colin hi, I’m Gurer from your facebook group. I see you don’t do any detailed targeting. Very broad. Do you think without copying you but using a similar angle, we can get some conversions with that broad audiences?

  13. Future Generation

    Is clickfunnel necessary?

  14. Daniel Douglas

    Back making that Shhmuny.. #leadgen

  15. Daniel Douglas

    Hey Colin, In the video you mentioned that you where looking at getting into Insurance Lead Gen but didnt have the cash flow at the time.

    What start up budget do you suggest someone have on hand to invest into this vertical when starting out?


  16. Иван Делчев

    Where to do a landing page so I can upload it to s3

    1. Иван Делчев

      @Colin Dijs What do you mean? 😀 To steal it from someone?

    2. Vlada Rodic

      @Иван Делчев change something.
      use site sucker

  17. Colin Dijs

    Are you struggling to get conversions with Facebook Ads?😱 Schedule a FREE 15-minute call with my team 😍👉 http://www.colinrecommends.com/free-15mincall

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