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Watch Me Build A Facebook Ads CPA Marketing Campaign [Maxbounty]

Wondering just how to construct a CPA advertising project making use of Facebook Advertisements? In this video, you will certainly see EXACTLY just how I build a CPA advertising and marketing project using Facebook Advertisements, step by step.

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In this example, I utilize limit bounty Affiliate Network as an example yet you can make use of any network. From the option of the photos to modifying to the bridge web page inquiry to the advertisement duplicate. Whatever will be discussed in this video.

Many people obtain stuck since there are many deals readily available on Certified Public Accountant networks. I made it simple to head to Max bounty and choose a UK offer which is relatively new to the network, has a suitable payout and also is attracting the masses (a lot of individuals).

After choosing the deal I produced the bridge page utilizing Clickfunenls. The template I used is readily available for everybody FREE to download when you join my Private Facebook Team.

After editing and enhancing the bridge web page to fit the offer, I included the associate web link and started seeking excellent pictures on Google.

After selecting about 10 pictures it's time to make the ads in Canva, generally, resize them to 1800×1800 and also put a boundary around it for interest purposes.

Once that was done I developed the project in Facebook Ads Supervisor by choosing Website traffic, Optimise for Touchdown Web Page Views.

Associate CPA advertising is not hard, follow this process specifically and rinse as well as repeat with every campaign. You will certainly be well on your method to success.

* You can assume that I will obtain a payment for anything I recommend. Any type of incomes or earnings depictions are aspirational declarations only and results are not typical. There is no warranty that you'll obtain the very same outcomes or any kind of results at all. Your results will certainly depend completely on your work ethic. These video clips are for academic purposes just.




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26 Thoughts to “Watch Me Build A Facebook Ads CPA Marketing Campaign [Maxbounty]”

  1. omar VL

    how i can create account in Maxbounty ? When i created my account the site has reject my request they asking for experience , what can i do for that please ?

    1. omar VL

      ​@Colin Dijs can you tell me about perfect network to start with ? with your experience .

  2. dany dan

    Huge info.what are the bugdet to get started with facebook ads for cpa marketing with maxbounty? Thanks

  3. Eric Johnson

    Great video Colin love your approach to cpa marketing on Facebook keep up the good work

  4. the verified politics

    Great video Colin, Thanks for sharing!

  5. USA America

    Wow great video love to watch more,nice video thanks for sharing with us

  6. Omar Blanco

    This is certainly a really great video. your material is superior! I will be turning into the rest of your videos soon! ✌️

  7. Sandeep Sarwan

    Why don’t you take their email later on you can retarget them?

  8. John Wellington

    hi colin, great video, i am watching your videos all night for almost 3-4 hours.
    some questions if you dont mind.. seek for your kind enlightenment.
    1. if i have like 3 to 5 different landing pages, would u suggest go with tracking software or just with sub-id from the offer platform to do it ? as tracking platform can use split-testing and split the traffics evenly.
    2. have you considered or tried using email optin landing pages rather than quiz?
    3. when trying different campaigns/ offer, i remember one of your video says u always go with the same facebook page 5 seconds survey and changes it in a few months of time. may i ask why you change it? I am thinking if we stick ALL the campaigns/offers using the same landing page, wordpress website, then fb can learn via our pixels and optimize faster which one will convert and optin better, so we can lower our CPC in the long run?

    thanks a lot!

    1. John Wellington

      @Colin Dijs thanks for the prompt reply! salute. looking forward to more or your great videos.

    2. John Wellington

      @Colin Dijs Sir, thanks for your reply. but allow me to follow up on question 1 if i may. I want to clarify if I can test out multiple landing pages withOUT the usage of tracking software and whats your view? Or its better to use a tracking software as they can split the traffic for you automatically?

      And would love to see your video on using clickmagick tracking software with CPA offers.

  9. Randy Deakins

    never herd of home base home depot i have

  10. שי סמח

    Wow open the mind👌

  11. Arvin Peopleinlove

    Hi Colin thanks a lot for this immense value my friend! I have a question if you don’t mind. What if the offer’s landing page already has 1 question on it? Do I still make a landing page with questions? If so how many questions would u suggest?

    Thanks again!

    1. Arvin Peopleinlove

      @Colin Dijs Thanks a lot mate!! 😀

  12. Moose Media

    Hi Colin, thanks voor de video.
    Ik heb je toegevoegd op LinkedIn, zag dat we al mutual contacts hadden.

    Laten we binnenkort eens een kleine chat houden.


  13. Titan Sport

    Hi, Can You build eCommerce product conversion FB campaing?

  14. Internet Income

    Very helpful Content Thanks Brother. Please also upload videos on optimising and also for how to track it with tracker it will be very valuable for all of us. Hope you do. Some love from India❤✌

  15. G Gonzales

    Hi Colin! thank you for taking the time out!
    question: for your Facebook page do you use a business page or personal?
    Thank you in advance.

    1. G Gonzales

      @Colin Dijs thank you Colin!

  16. The Modern Dictator

    Use the view image chrome plugin to view and save google images

  17. MisraJI Technical

    Can i directly use clickfunnel link to facebook ads campaign

  18. Colin Dijs

    Are you struggling to get conversions with Maxbounty?😱 Schedule a FREE 15-minute call with my team 😍👉 http://www.colinrecommends.com/free-15mincall

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