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Watch Me Build a CPA Marketing Campaign [Maxbounty]

In this video, you will see me construct an associate Certified Public Accountant advertising and marketing campaign in Facebook Advertisements Supervisor for my Facebook Team. In the example develop I utilize a sweepstake offer from the Maxbounty associate network.

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This video clip demonstrates how simple affiliate marketing for novices really is. Even CPA advertising can be done on maxbounty by any kind of newbie as explained by colin dijs in this video clip.

* You can presume that I will certainly receive a payment for anything I advise. Any earnings or revenue depictions are aspirational declarations just as well as results are not typical. There is no warranty that you'll obtain the same outcomes or any type of outcomes whatsoever. Your results will depend totally on your job principles. These videos are for educational functions just.




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25 Thoughts to “Watch Me Build a CPA Marketing Campaign [Maxbounty]”

  1. Cody McDowell

    Great walk-through! Thank you for sharing I smashed that like button!

  2. Chanel Stevens

    Value Packed ! Great Video 🔥🔥🔥

  3. David Hutchins

    Hey Colin, thanks for the 🔥 walkthrough! Question about those Victoria’s Secret images you’re using…aren’t those copyrighted? Did the ad get approved?

    1. David Hutchins

      Colin Dijs thanks man! You’ve been a huge help 🙌🏼

  4. Mr. Perfect

    could you send me your facebook group link?

  5. Nary Kh

    Great video. I sub and wait for new videos.

  6. Gal Dimri

    Collin that’s great info! Thanks!
    What is dripping in the backround???

  7. Vinay Mittal

    I have subscribed too many channel of famous affiliate marketer but no one provide this kind of detailed tutorial also they always asking to join paid membership first with tons of lies :/ But thanks Colin, You are great!

  8. kamran ali

    Ohhh Bro you are great and amazing. I have joined your FB group and also subscribed. God bless you for your sincere efforts for the newbies like me as I have seen that you are responding almost every one’s question. I believe i will learn a lot from you.

  9. Sibtain Ali

    Nice Man , Your Video Have Worth to Watch it, Love From Pakistan Dear, Keep It Up <3

  10. Umair Sheikh

    Like and subscribed to your channel. Keep doing good work. Thanks!

  11. mohammed tahar hamidechi

    woow !! this was very very very helpful i can’t even thank you enough

  12. Ricardo Muchacho

    Hey man GREAT video, I tried your strategy but my promotions and giveaways ads got rejected, any advice?

  13. Seif Zayati

    Nice share 🙂 I started with MB 6 months ago or maybe a little more and now making 1k+ per day.
    My Problem now is that I can’t Manage my Time to do cpa + normal life lol
    Can you make a video explaining how you do that ! 😂😍

    1. oi l;.m,.

      If you’re trying to make an extra 75 – 125 dollars daily this will do it for you: *4NetJobs. Com* You literally can’t fail with this. I’ve been having success from the same method for a while. Thanks. “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”?

  14. Stop The Hate!

    38:45 – $6 per interest or $6 per adset based on your example?

    1. Colin Dijs

      3xPO per adset

  15. Cooper Vlogs

    Question for you! Awesome video! I am going to try myself. Do you make money when people just click? As well as actually opt in? Please help

  16. Ricardo Filipe

    Nice info, thanks.
    So you only spend 6€ max per day?

  17. KenAzad Media

    Awesome Content packed with knowledge! Anyone know if i have to have a domain/website to run ads on social media platforms?

    1. KenAzad Media

      @Colin Dijs Thanks

  18. Ahmar Ali

    Awesome stuff. Do you have any video where you optimize the campaign after you are done testing

  19. Colin Dijs

    Are you struggling to get conversions with Maxbounty?😱 Schedule a FREE 15-minute call with my team 😍👉 http://www.colinrecommends.com/free-15mincall

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