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Watch Me Build a Clickbank Campaign Using Facebook Ads [Beginner Tutorial]

Are you having a hard time to make your Clickbank campaigns function? In this video I reveal you precisely just how to make use of Facebook Advertisements to make successful Clickbank campaigns.

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This video is a recording of a real-time video training which I carried out in my Facebook team. The tutorial contains choosing the deals, producing a touchdown page and also making & setting up the advertisements in Facebook Ads Supervisor.

Not only will you see exactly how every little thing is done, you'll likewise know WHY. The most significant struggle for many newbies with Clickbank is they do not recognize either HOW or WHY to make use of specific device.

There are a lot of free devices readily available you just learnt more about where to discover them.

If you want cost-free clickbank funnel design templates please do join us in the Facebook team as we've an incredible area of like minded associates.

* You can think that I will certainly receive a commission for anything I suggest. Any kind of profits or earnings representations are aspirational declarations only and results are not common. There is no guarantee that you'll get the exact same results or any results whatsoever. Your outcomes will certainly depend entirely on your job ethic. These video clips are for academic functions just.




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37 Thoughts to “Watch Me Build a Clickbank Campaign Using Facebook Ads [Beginner Tutorial]”

  1. Amir B

    All fake gurus are your haters now 🙂 , you are killing their business of fooling people :). Great content Colin. PS. Could you please record a video on “How to read facebook reports and do and donts on placing fb ads” from own experience. I believe you didnt touch in details on this in your videos. thanks

    1. Maan Hassan

      @Colin DijsDijs thank you – this video I feel with comfort to learn affiliate marketing 👌👍👏

    2. Fortune cash

      Have you been looking for a way to *make* *money* *online.* Here comes an opportunity for you to make $3000 in 3 days NoN stop just with few steps, *Watch* *thiz*

  2. Tyler Miller

    If it’s this easy why isn’t everyone doing this?

    I really don’t see how this is hard, but maybe I’m missing something here…

    Can you show the results of this ad?

  3. Chye Heng

    I really like your flow of presentation. Smooth, natural and not salesy. Cool sharing.

  4. Chye Heng

    Any link o the follow up results from this campaign?

  5. Zaltor

    Thank you! You inspired me to create my own YouTube channel and now I am making thousands a week on ClickBank! Appreciate you 💯💪🏾

    1. Quinten j

      did it work for you?

    2. jeremiah andor

      proud of you brother keep it up!

    3. Tushar Ranjan

      haha you just copying Eric Eliis Jr’s videos on your own youtube channel! You a fucking joke man!

  6. Hadrian Bonoan

    What plugin to use for Policy Terms & Disclaimer:

  7. Bar Meshel

    Why you don’t collect emails?

    1. Colin Dijs

      not my business model

  8. Zain Sheikh

    Hi Colin…where can I get the terms and conditions…I’ve joined your group on Facebook can’t find it

    1. Vlada Rodic

      just go on affiliate page and copy-paste it to your page

  9. hikmet karaca

    Sir i dont have a high income so do you recommend facebook or google ads

    1. TLTFilmz

      Google, you get a $100 credits from them and with google is a bit easier getting sales (depending on if your ad copy and keyword targeting is on point) and with Facebook you have to make ad copies and more harder to make sales. Not saying you shouldn’t use Facebook at all just when you have a bit more capital start using fb.

  10. Wayne Frost

    Hi Colin,

    First of all great video mate, I was able to ryun my first campaign following your tutorial. However I do have a question; 1:09 minutes into the video where you copied that link into facebook lets say If I have three different funnels for three different page, how can I pick what funnel to use? Hope this makes sense.

    Any clarification will be appreciated 😊

    1. Colin Dijs

      Make 2 duplicate adsets extra

    2. Wayne Frost

      @Colin Dijs Thanks Colin 🙂

  11. Tim Sky

    Hello Colin first i would like to thank you for the videos, also why do you use clickfunnels is it just for the premade landing pages and the facebook Pixel integration ?

    1. Colin Dijs

      convenience yes, good for beginners

  12. Colboy Montana

    What facebook page do I use? Do I have to create a new page for each campaign? Thanks in advance

  13. Zach Carroll

    Do you link to their funnel at all?

  14. Guillermo Lopez

    Great video! But change the voice volume and clean it up.

  15. Zacchaeus Te Uri Karaka

    Just wondering. Is a click funnel used as a landing page?? and do you have to own a business to make a clickfunnel? I have made a landing page but there is several costs involved to make it. I would rather pay Facebook ads for promoting. Could you please help

  16. I met God shes Black

    How did you figure this stuff out

  17. Sport Side TV

    Can I join your fb group?

  18. Colin Dijs

    Are you struggling to get conversions with Clickbank?😱 Schedule a FREE 15-minute call with my team 😍👉 http://www.colinrecommends.com/free-15mincall

  19. Michael B

    Thanks Colin for the video and sharing your information.

    Since you are using a FB pixel, how do you deal with retargeting – how would you filter retargeting to customers who already purchased?


    Would you simply just retarget to people who have not clicked on your “click here” bridge landing page?

    It would be great if you could retarget people who landed on the product page but haven’t converted yet. I don’t think you can do this since you don’t own the conversion page.

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

    1. Colin Dijs

      Yeah only retarget non bridge page click throughs

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