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Should You Market Your Business During Covid-19?

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Should you market your business throughout Covid19 or one more national emergency? Yes, you should! It is necessary that your customers and partners see you operating in the sector. By showcasing what you do and also exactly how you do it, you will certainly create a sense of well being and also depend on. Allow people recognize that you are there for them which you are able to aid.

Comment listed below as well as allow me recognize just how you intend to market your business throughout this time around








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4 Thoughts to “Should You Market Your Business During Covid-19?”

  1. Chantilly Lace Wedding Company

    PERFECT TIMING as usual. How do you know what I am thinking? Each time you make a video, it’s like read my journals or get into my mind because it’s like you are speaking directly to me. I have had 3 clients cancel their wedding since this started and it has really messed with my mind. However, because of what you said, I have decided to really use this time to go the extra mile with the 1 client I have right now. I want to make her feel encouraged, listen to her, and be there for her.

    I had gotten away from blogging and posting on social media regularly and I believe now is the best time to bring it back so that I can share what I know and show my followers that this pandemic has not gotten me down and that I am still here. Thanks so much again for sharing! Kacie


    Thanks so much for the wisdom Andrea! It’s so wonderful to hear your message, especially as it aligns with my gut feelings on all of this! Stay Happy + Healthy and continue to Thrive at Home!

  3. Bryan Finck

    Great video Andrea, thank you for your leadership and wisdom, as always! We are working hard to show our expertise by ramping up our blogging, doing a series on making Vendor Selection less stressful and confusing for couples. We are promoting services that can be done with no social contact (artists sketching keepsake drawings from wedding photos) and promoting the value of our services. And of course having Zoom calls with our couples (and employees) to answer questions, keep them informed and trying to calm their fears and concerns as they look to reschedule their weddings.

  4. Ellie Shackletonjones

    Thank you for your great tips. I really enjoy your videos.
    Looking forward to hear more of the tips & videos.


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