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Quick Facebook Marketing Tip for more Engagement – Etsy Seller Tips

Discover my fast facebook advertising tip that will certainly help you to obtain even more engagement from your fans and also followers on social networks. ↓ OPEN FOR HYPERLINKS ↓

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31 Thoughts to “Quick Facebook Marketing Tip for more Engagement – Etsy Seller Tips”

  1. Carmen Mae

    I LOVE this idea! I will definitely be giving it a try for my Summer Collection. Thanks, Starla (:

    1. Starla Moore

      You’re so welcome! Please keep me posted on the results! Though I’m sure I’ll see them in my news feed at some point because I always drool over your marketing photos. Facebook knows that I want to see more tiny foods! 🤣

    2. Carmen Mae

      Starla Moore Awww shucks!! You’re makin’ me blush! 🥰 My marketing photos have improved dramatically with your ipiccy tutorials. Makes a HUGE difference!

  2. Manon Richard

    I really love it and will try it very soon 🙂 Thank you Starla!!!

    1. Starla Moore

      You are so welcome!

  3. Stories N' Stoneware

    My market responds well to polls( its about the only thing 🤣) I will have to try this though!

    1. Starla Moore

      Absolutely test it out in this style and let me know how your audience reacts!

    2. Stories N' Stoneware

      Starla Moore will do!

  4. Creatively Cluttered

    Genius! I will definitely be testing this out.

    1. Starla Moore

      Please do and let me know how it goes!!!

  5. artkarolina

    Omg…. I’ve seen so many of these and never thought of this.

    1. Starla Moore

      I hadn’t either! Not for business at least. But my audience absolutely loves them!

    2. artkarolina

      @Starla Moore I’m going to try it for my paintings. It’s so hard to get people to engage with a painting beyond 1 like because they don’t know what else to say besides they like it.

    3. Starla Moore

      @artkarolina For paintings, maybe try a side by side of two of them and have your audience vote for their favorite, or ask them things like, “Which of these reminds you the most of _____”.

    4. artkarolina

      @Starla Moore Great idea! I kept it simple and already the amount of engagement is soo much higher – crazy.

  6. Fernanda De Lima

    Omg, Thank you for this, I’m going to try this out for sure!! :D. I recently did a poll post on my instagram feed- and it didn’t go too well 😂 but im inspired to keep trying as i haven’t tried on Facebook yet! the way you explained it gave me so much clarity about how to make the content more engaging, simple, and fun for my audience.

    1. Starla Moore

      You’re so welcome! When all they have to do is “react” with an emoji, they are more likely to participate because it’s so quick and easy. 🎉

  7. Lucija Čop

    I did this few weeks ago. I had something like 150 comments (from 8000 page likes), it was crazy! 😀 ALSO, 95% choose option I was NOT going to choose. :O So helpful! It was type of lace I will (maybe, hehe) use for my next collection.

    1. Starla Moore

      That is awesome!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉

  8. Elika Mahony

    This is a wonderful tip which I have used to ask which book cover people like so that I can add it to my shop. There are always so many responses. The issue is once they have chosen the product and I want to post it on FB – adding the link to show them where to purchase it will limit people from seeing it because of the algorithm which prevents people from seeing the post because I added a link. What tips do you have for that.

    1. Starla Moore

      Hey Elika! This is where it’s extremely useful to also have a facebook group along side your facebook page. Reach is far less limited for group content, so your audience will be much more likely to see it. A few other options are to add the link as the first comment on the post, OR when you host the poll post, comment on it with the link to buy after you’ve had plenty of engagements. As long as they haven’t turned off notifications for the post, they will see that you’ve left a comment on the post. You can even edit the original post caption and add the link to buy from there.

    2. Elika Mahony

      @Starla Moore Thanks so much. Yes I have tried your suggestions with putting the link in comments but when people share my post they don’t get to see the link. I like the idea of adding the link after people have left a bunch of comments. Thank you for all that you do.

  9. Mrs Konop

    I’m fairly new here. I plan to try this!

    1. Starla Moore

      Please let me know how it goes!!! 🎉

  10. Amy Proffitt

    Would you do this only in your VIP group or would you do that on all your platforms?

    1. Starla Moore

      I would try it on all of your platforms and see which platforms perform the best. For me, I see the most responses in my VIP group…. but I usually see some engagement on my public page as well. The users who engage (no matter how few) are more likely to see future posts from you, so it never hurts to try it out on all of your platforms. 😃

    2. Amy Proffitt

      @Starla Moore Hi Starla, I wanted to get back with you on my outcome. I finally got engagements when I sent it out to my email lists. Not a lot of engagement on the other platforms.

  11. Stephanie Jones

    I love a good engagement post , thank you

    1. Starla Moore

      You’re welcome Stephanie! 😊 Let me know if it works for you!!!

  12. Yolande Webster

    Very good suggestion. I will try it sometime.

    1. Starla Moore

      Alphas are already reporting amazing results with it! 😄🐺 Let me know how it works for you Yolande!!! ❤

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