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Pinterest Marketing: PinPioneer Relaunch (V1.1.7.5) One Click Marketing, Feature Overview & More

Get it below: In this video, I speak about some of the brand-new PinPioneer – Pinterest bot attributes, as well as just what you could anticipate to see in the coming weeks. 2 years running. Still the best, far better compared to the rest!

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6 Thoughts to “Pinterest Marketing: PinPioneer Relaunch (V1.1.7.5) One Click Marketing, Feature Overview & More”

  1. Ideal Mike

    You scraped 3 pages of pins but it only returned 13 results ?

    My “All” scraping is not working.
    [13:05:16] Done : Scraping
    [13:05:10] Searching Pictures…
    [13:04:49] Welcome to PinPioneer

    Also when I scrape People, no matter how many it finds, it removes all but 10 results from the list.. This has been doing this for about 3 versions now. Doing my head in!

    And Flickr scraping is not working. Just doesn’t work. Doesnt return any results.

    1. PinPioneer

      Hey Mike, thank you for feedback and letting us know about the ‘Flickr’ scraping. However, we just ran a test scraping pins and as long as you increase page count, you get the correct number of results (about 10 per page). Let’s have a Teamviewer session and we can fix you up 🙂 


    2. Ideal Mike

      +PinPioneer  You ran a test scraping pins? I am not talking about scraping pins. When I choose “All” to scrape Flickr, it doesn’t return any results (like nothing is found).

      Also, when I scrape “People”, it finds them, but then it removes ALL but 10 results from the list! Why is it doing this? Surely this must be happening for you as well? It doesn’t matter what keywords/accounts I use. Its the same every time. It just removes all but 10 results for people scraping…

      I’m not sure how a team viewer session will help me because Im sure you will only get the same results as me. But please send me a message and I’ll give you my TeamViewer access details and a time we can do it.


  2. Ideal Mike

    Where the hell are you guys? Are you working on any updates/fixes and can we expect a new release? Flickr sraping still don’t work. People scraping still removes all but 10 results. Why does it do that? You got some new update coming? Let us know please. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Miranda Baker

    The tool I like for managing and automating my Pinterest account is It has got me about 55k followers in the last 7 months.
    PinPinterest is free for all, runs online, sets up fast, has Pin Scheduling and Speed control features. The mobile optimised website lets you have access to your account anytime and from any device.
    Its intelligent algorithm pins only content relevant to my business, thus keeping my boards clutter-free…
    Its truly the tool of the future.

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