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Pinterest Keyword Tool – How to Do Pinterest Keyword Research in 2020

Pinterest Key Words Device– Exactly How to Do Pinterest Keyword Research. From this video you will learn the right way of Pinterest keyword targeting, I will reveal you pin keyword finder tool and how to pick the best Pinterest enhanced key phrases which will bring you lots of organic free website traffic from Pinterest. You will certainly discover exactly how to rank on Pinterest with Pinterest Search Engine Optimization strategy that drives me over 300,000/ mo pageviews free of cost.

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The most effective Pinterest key words device is Pinterest itself:-RRB-.
The very first principle you need to comprehend is that Pinterest is a mixed system: it has features of a social media sites site but it's likewise an effective aesthetic online search engine.

As well as individual experience on Pinterest includes 2 main kinds of activities:.
– Scrolling down the SmartFeed and.
– Actively browsing on Pinterest.

When individuals search for a search phrase, Pinterest reveals them the pins which are most appropriate to the search query, as well as have the best based upon several aspects Pinterest's algorithm evaluates.
Despite the fact that some popular key phrases on Pinterest will certainly be similar to search phrases you can locate with Google keyword study devices, it doesn't imply that total the search phrases are exactly the exact same.

In fact, according to Pinterest's main stats, concerning 75% of all searches on Pinterest are of 1-3 words only. While on Google individuals tend to make use of a lot longer keyword expressions, likewise called long-tail key phrases.

We require a device that can reveal us keywords prominent on Pinterest as well as we can not only depend on the search phrase devices that are revealing search quantity for Google.

So, allow's have a look at different ways of doing keyword study on Pinterest.
The very first and most instinctive way of finding popular keyword phrases related to your emphasis keyword phrase is by keying in the keyword in the search box on Pinterest.

Pinterest will certainly constantly show you some search ideas, as well as the ones that appear to be higher are a lot more preferred.

After that you can search for tips by actually doing a search for a large keyword.
As well as one more way of doing keyword research study on Pinterest is by utilizing your marketing cabinet. If you have a service account, you'll have this alternative – Pinterest Advertisements.

From there, all you have to do is claim that you are mosting likely to create an ad. Do not stress, you will certainly not in fact complete advertisement development and also will certainly not pay anything for it.

What we require here is a key words suggestions tool Pinterest has for their advertisers.




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48 Thoughts to “Pinterest Keyword Tool – How to Do Pinterest Keyword Research in 2020”

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      :)) yes you are! Thank you for following and watching my videos!

  1. Samuel Earp Artist

    Great video, very useful. I was wondering, does it take a while to build up momentum on Pinterest in getting traffic to your blog? I’ve noticed a small increase in traffic from Pinterest but I’m guessing you just have to keep chipping away at it, just keep uploading content and new blogs? Whenever I advertise a new blog post on Instagram and Facebook I get a traffic spike but it’s short lived, I was wondering is Pinterest is a slow burn so to speak? I’m an artist and I blog about painting, landscape art, art theory, great painters and more.

    Thank you for all the useful information you provide, I was actually going to delete my Pinterest account a few weeks ago after not really using it in years but before I deleted it I typed into YouTube ‘is Pinterest still relevant in 2019’ and your videos came up. I watched a load of them and I have since started using Pinterest again and changing my strategy, I even bought a subscription to Tailwind upon your recommendation which has definitely been worth the money so far. Your videos have also made me take blogging more seriously and the best thing is that I am enjoying writing art blogs and using Pinterest.

    I’m subscribed by the way. Thanks again 🙂

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi, Samuel! Thank you for following me on Youtube and I’m sure you can get traffic from Pinterest, art, crafts, DIY – all these niches have a huge audience on Pinterest, obviously because it’s a visual search engine.

      And because it is a search engine, it needs time to understand your pins and start ranking them for the keywords you are targeting. Pinterest definitely has a viral (social media) component to it but it always works combined with Pinterest SEO (keywords in pin titles, descriptions, hashtags, in the board titles and descriptions).

      You can see traffic spikes from Pinterest with viral pins but they don’t happen right after you published something. It is not as slow as Google SEO, but it can take a couple of months until you start seeing consistent traffic. Because your pins which you saved a couple of months ago, will start ranking each one for some keyword you targeted. If you have a 100 of pins linked to your content, it’s 10 times more chances to rank with them than when you have only 10 pins.

      Using a blog to promote your own products is a great strategy, and it’s great your are also enjoying writing blog posts. A lot of people struggle with content creation. If it comes naturally to you, definitely use it to the max and don’t forget to mention in different ways between the lines or even include a block with a small slider with your art from the Shop, right in the middle of each blog post.

    2. Samuel Earp Artist

      @Anastasia Blogger Hi Anastasia, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my comment and answer my questions. Being a YouTuber, content creator, blogger and artist myself I am exceptionally busy so I can only imagine how busy you must be so your time is greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for the useful information, I will carry on with Pinterest, I definitely like the platform. Getting ideas for creating content for my blog and my YouTube channel is not the problem, I’ve so many ideas for blog posts, YouTube videos etc, it’s having the time to do it all, especially video editing which takes a long time. I have been editing my first full length painting video which I will sell from my website and I have been working on it for the last 6 weeks and it’s still not finished! Thats a great idea about inserting products for sale in the main body of a blog post, I’ll try that.

      Your videos are enormously helpful and I have been telling my artist friends about your YouTube channel. Thanks so much again for taking the time to answer my questions. I love your videos and I look forward to seeing more 😀

    3. Anastasia Blogger

      @Samuel Earp Artist Thank you so much for your appreciation! You are right, time is the most valuable asset ever since I started working for myself as opposed to being an employee. Will do my best to provide more useful content on my channel! Keep up the great work with yours 🙂

  2. Anastasia Blogger

    If you have any questions about Pinterest SEO, ask me in the comments. It’s the only way to get my help and advice without being my paying customer 🙂

    The links mentioned in the video:




    1. umar malik

      I have recently created a businees account but i don’t have “ad” option on my account….

    2. Virtual Wealth System

      ok Ana

    3. viral nova

      Please is there anyways to know keywords competion on pinterest

    4. L

      I don’t have the “extend your search” option it just shows the keyword panel… :c

  3. Melissa Van Vuuren

    Thanks so much for the checklist!

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      No problem, I hope it’s helpful! 🙂

  4. Saurabh Ankush

    Hi Anastasia 🙂
    Lovely video!

    I have watched all of your videos and have done many pinterest courses online. I am a new blogger, and I need your personal coaching as I am really struggling with traffic. I have messaged you on facebook too, as I have no idea how to contact you the best possible way. Yes I am willing to take your paid pinterest mentorship. I would be really thankful if you can help you with my traffic problem!

    Once again,
    Thanks anastasia! 🙂

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you for watching and following! Would be happy to help you with your Pinterest strategy. I replied to you on FB 🙂

  5. Gregorio Puro

    Hello Anastasia , I subscribed to your channel and I’ve already watched several of your videos .. very nice job.. you’re a good communicator ,, you have a great personality and your accent is quite lovely ,, I was surprised to learn that you live in Portugal .. I plan to visit Portugal next year as I’ve been reading up on the food and culture ,, I don’t speak Portuguese, but I’m fluent Spanish ,, hope that helps , although I’ve read that many Portuguese speak good English. Do you sing FADO ? lol
    Looking forward to learning more from your videos and your courses .. keep up the good work.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi, Gregorio! Thank you for your feedback! Yes, I love it in Portugal, I’m not Portuguese though, I’m Russian, so there you go about the lovely accent :)))

      If you speak Spanish, you will understand Portuguese with no problem – written for sure, it’s very similar! And Portuguese people in the cities, especially Millenials, speak very good English.

      Let me know if you have any questions about Pinterest 🙂

  6. Dinnie Snow

    Hey love ur channel you have great info. I subscribed and I’m new to blogging 😁

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you for the sub and for your kind feedback! I will post more content on blogging in general, not just on Pinterest, in the near future.

  7. Sam Burbon

    1. Suggestions in the search bar
    2. Suggestions below the search bar
    3. Keyword ideas in the Pinterest Ads Manager

  8. Trini Campos

    Is it possible that Pinterest ads tool do not longer extend the search with related keywords and volume search? I only get a box for adding keywords but without getting any data. Any recommedation to get numbers? Thanks!

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi, Trini! 2 scenarios possible: you might be looking for a keyword for which Pinterest doesn’t show any volume, I’ve seen this for some branded keywords and topics related to health, but I’m sure there are more keywords I don’t know about in various niches, for which Pinterest will show no volume. Try any other keyword, or something from another niche and let me know if it works 🙂

      The second scenario, which is actually very possible, is that you are experiencing a temporary glitch on your account and tomorrow or a few days later you might have no issues at all.

    2. ilayda Esen

      @Anastasia Blogger HII Anastasia I have the same problem I think it is not about the keyword… I could figure this out yet? is there any people who solved or know the answer, why?

    3. ilayda Esen

      @Anastasia Blogger i mean there is no box for them or any button neither

  9. wyllem PALCY

    I’ve Subscribed ! 📌🙌🏼

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Awesome, thank you! 🤗

  10. NatanPlay´s

    why my dont show ” extend your search” ?/

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      A few people told me that they don’t see this anymore in their ads accounts. All of them had in the account settings countries in which Pinterest ads are not yet working. So if that’s your case, you could change to the US your account settings and you should start seeing the suggested keywords in the ad cabinet too. Let me know if this helps. At least those other guys managed to fix the problem just by changing the country in the account settings.

  11. armando sol

    Hello! I just subscribed to your channel!!! First off thank you so much for taking the time to help people like me who are new to all this. And I have a question for you I just signed up for a business account, but it does not show me any of the 2 things it shows on your screen on the top left where it says analytics and the other one for ads, do you know why by any chance? Or do you know what I’m doing wrong? Thank you.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi there! Thank you for watching my channel! If you created a business account on Pinterest, you should have the tabs Analytics and Ads on the left side when you are on a desktop computer. If you are on a mobile device, these tabs will not show up. If you are still not seeing them even on desktop, and you are 100% sure that you have created a business account, not a personal account, the only way to know what is wrong is to contact Pinterest support. They usually reply within a few business days. It’s on this page

    2. armando sol

      Hello!!! And thank you, thank you! for replying to my question! So it is a mobile device, an I pad pro to be exact and I’m trying to figure out how to create an ad but I don’t know what to press or where to go because I can’t find a tab that says create ad 🙁 and I do have a business account I believe. One of the reasons why I think that,it’s because when I go into settings it asks me if I want to switch to a personal account so I assume I did it right when I signed up but not 100% sure, thank you for any advice!!!

    3. Anastasia Blogger

      @armando sol ok now it makes sense. You see, like any other services, the mobile app of Pinterest is a reduced version and heavy functionality like analytics and ads cabinet will be missing on it.

      All the apps are reduced versions of the desktop platforms, to be efficient on mobile devices. Can you try to use Pinterest in Chrome browser on your iPad instead of using the Pinterest app? I suppose in this case it should work the same way as on a computer.

      If not, I’m afraid you’ll need to login in to your account on a desktop computer if you want to create an add or check your analytics.

  12. Mangold & Muskat

    Somehow I can’t see this “extend your seach” section in my pinterest ad planner… any ideas why that is and how i can fix it? Thank you in advance.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi there. Unfortunately, Pinterest updated their ad creation tool since the day I published this video. Just scroll all the way down and you will see the Keywords section.

  13. Игорь Склема

    I changed the country to US in the account settings. I now have a keyword search section. Thanks.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Awesome, good to know! I’ve been recommending this recently to people from the countries where Pinterest doesn’t yet accept billing info.

  14. Neutral historian

    I’ve subcribed .
    You are doing great and I am so much happy to hear you believe me you’re the best mentor.

  15. Travelin Baku

    I’ve subscribed today )

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Great, thank you for watching my channel!

  16. Frank Pansino

    I’ve subscribed!
    Love the ‘Create Ad’ Strategy however, every keyword I type in says 5M+?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      yeah, Pinterest’s keyword tool is not reliable if you want to compare it to Google keyword research tools. You can just take these keywords as ideas for your boards and content but I don’t trust the millions of searches at all 🙂

  17. Sahruzzaman Shaikat

    I’ve subscribed! You are sweet and helpful as like as your sweet voice. Thank you

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you for watching my channel, I hope the videos are helpful!

  18. Kai Gausmann

    Hey Anastasia, great tutorial. Very much appreciated. I guess Pinterest changed their functionality a little bit, because the extend your search window doesn’t show up any more. Just wondering if it’s just me or if it’s Pinterest…

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Do you mean the keyword suggestions in the ad cabinet? Pinterest still shows them but you need to set your account settings to the US to see them or to another country where Pinterest ads are currently available.

    2. Kai Gausmann

      @Anastasia Blogger Thanks for the reply. True, in Germany the features does not yet work

  19. Henry Dangiwa

    I subscribed and I can’t stop thanking you for delivering rich content.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you for your kind feedback and for watching my videos! 🙂

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