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Pinterest Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest? The Ultimate Guide (2020)

Every little thing you require to understand about Pinterest Hashtags (2020 ):

– Exactly How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest?
– Can you Utilize hashtags on Pinterest? Does it assist you get even more web traffic from this platform?
– If indeed, How MANY hashtags you can add per pin? Where precisely you should add Pinterest hashtags?
– Just how do you discover the best hashtags for Pinterest?

I'm Anastasia of as well as I'm a Pinterest marketing expert– you'll find from this video the response to ALL your inquiries concerning hashtags on Pinterest.


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42 Thoughts to “Pinterest Hashtags: How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest? The Ultimate Guide (2020)”

  1. Fireball VFX

    Thank you, you answered the questions I was looking the answers for ; ) however, for some reason when i type word with hashtag – pinterest does not bring up the drop down menu where I could select suggested # : /

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      That’s great the video helped. Where do you type the hashtag on Pinterest? In Pinterest search bar or like I showed when saving any pin from any website?

    2. Fireball VFX

      @Anastasia Blogger i tried both, as well as uploading my own pin 🙁

    3. Anastasia Blogger

      @Fireball VFX That’s weird, let me know which hashtag you’re trying to find. You don’t see it for any hashtags or just for one specific? If you are looking for something that’s not yet popular on Pinterest as a hashtag, that could be the reason you don’t see any suggestions. Not to worry. You can use wider hashtags along with the one you consider more specific for your pins. The one you’ve created might be really new on the platform but over time Pinterest will see that more pins use this hashtag and will start showing it in the suggestions.

  2. GIGI GL

    This is a great video. Very straight to the point and useful. Thank you so much ! I have the same problem as @Fireball VFX – Pinterest doesn’t bring the hashtags menu when I start to enter the #. Until watching your video I didn’t know it was supposed to pop up. I will contact Pinterest support about this.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you for your kind feedback! This, unfortunately, seems to happen on some accounts. I hope their support will help you solve the issue.

  3. Bellissimo deals

    Yes I use hashtags on Pinterest and they work well on my pins.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Yes! I always add hashtags and I think they are a significant part of Pinterest SEO

    2. Treat Trunk

      How do they work well? Trying to understand how people use them! Thanks

    3. Bellissimo deals

      @Treat Trunk They make searching for the items easier.

    4. Treat Trunk

      @Bellissimo deals If someone’s searching using a hashtag right? (I would never search in Pinterest using a hashtag). So for instance if I put #healthysnacks #vegansnacks – isn’t it better to put Healthy Snacks | Vegan Snacks since space is limited and the majority of people will be searching without the hashtag and with the space? (I do include those terms in natural conversation to start too) thanks!

  4. TasarCare BD

    thanks for useful tips

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      thank you for your feedback!

  5. Step-by-Step Science

    I like your channel and videos, I subscribed. I am trying to build my presence on Pinterest to drive more traffic to my YouTube channel: step by step science. Check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks

  6. kalum chamara

    Thanks. Very clear explanation. Really helpful.

  7. Fanakios Marketopolous

    Hello, Anastasia. I am so glad I discovered your channel. If I repin some pins(I add them to my boards), am I allowed to add hashtags? In this way, I could put some hashtags to old pins, because usually, they do not have any. But is this allowed? Is it also going to increase my audience?Thank you for sharing with us so much knowledge.

  8. Khalid Hussain

    Hey! Anastasia
    I love your videos
    You are an amazing content creator! ❤️👍


    Thank you 🙏 so much…your video does help…thank you for taking your time for this video

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you for watching my videos! 🙂

  10. Vanz Humble Home

    Should/Can I put regular tags in my pins for Pinterest? & how would that be done?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      What do you mean by regular tags? There is something else called tags on Pinterest – it’s when you are tagging a product to the pin you are creating. That’s a completely different thing from hashtags which are the topic of this video.

    2. Vanz Humble Home

      @Anastasia Blogger Yes, Thanks for the reply, I did mean regular tags, ie. are the hashtags meant to forgo the regular/normal tags. I have noticed the ability to use custom tags in a pin is reduced to a small, most times not very specific tag. Hope that makes sense.

  11. safezoneprimer

    This video helped me to learn Pinterest hashtags. Thank you

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Awesome, thank you for your kind words!

  12. Tracy Fang

    Hi Anastasia. I couldn’t find the place to see “How often the hashtag use in Pinterest” function, could you help me?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi, Tracy! Pinterest sometimes removes the hashtag suggestions and the numbers next to them. This happened probably 4-5 times in 2019 but every time the feature was back soon. I would recommend you to try in a couple of days or in a few weeks. A lot of functionality goes down when Pinterest makes updates, this could be the case.

    2. Tracy Fang

      @Anastasia Blogger Thank you so much for your help! 💗

  13. Mind Over Bread

    “Ultimate Guide (2020)” Originally aired 05/2019. Well played Anastasia

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Everyone is updating titles on Youtube and in articles for Google when it’s applicable, for evergreen content. If there is anything important changing, I will record a new video. But for the things that are still the same, what is the point? I didn’t change the title of the video which speaks about updates that were specific to 2019. I am not planning to re-record the same stuff over and over again slightly changing the order of my points in the video, like other Youtubers do. That would be just to get more views on Youtube which is not my objective. This channel is not to make money from Youtube ads or whatever, it’s to help people learn about Pinterest. So I prefer to update my title to still get the traffic my videos deserve, but not to waste the time of my audience for “new” videos that essentially the same old stuff people already have seen.

  14. Restyled Homes

    Great video as always!!

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you for watching, Rebecca! 🙂

  15. durga prasad

    You didn’t shown that how to add image and add hashtags to that .. plz make it as practical. We will understand it clear.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi, here is a more beginner friendly video where I show you how to create pins, where to upload them, and where to add descriptions and hashtags:

  16. Popstry Bikini

    How come I can’t see the time of the most recent posts in hashtags?
    How come I can’t see my posts in each hashtag I type in?
    How come my hashtags in the description doesn’t highlight?
    Does it even work?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Yes, Pinterest is changing interface quite often. Hashtags are highlighted and clickable in pin descriptions. Never in board descriptions. The rest of your observations seem to be the same on my side right now. This can change back at any time though. Pinterest is always testing things and it can all look different – even in the same day on different accounts.

  17. Daniel Tidwell

    Im in the us, and i dont have highlighted pins anywhere, nowhere are they clickable anywhere. Nor do i get suggestions for hashtags anywhere. How are these still relevant? Still A B testing though similar pins with tags and some with no tags just to see…

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Do you mean that hashtags are not highlighted or clickable? They still are clickable and highlighted in the only place they have always been – in pin descriptions (screenshot here A pin description is showing up at the bottom of the pin, and you will always see it below the title of the board to which your pin was saved.

      It is true that you can’t see any numbers indicating the popularity of each hashtag – that Pinterest currently doesn’t show. Hashtags still return search results on Pinterest, they are still clickable in pin descriptons, so not much has changed really. We just have to guess which ones to use. The rule of thumb is to use hashtags that are broad search phrases relevant to the topic of your pin.

  18. Daniel Tidwell

    Anyone getting better results with hashtags verses without them?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi there! A lot of Pinterest users, bloggers (including me), all have hashtags in our description and it really does help you get better results and impressions. I would suggest trying it out for yourself! 🙂

  19. Linda Roach

    Thank you. When I am repinning to my business site I add hashtags that relate to my site on the same subject. For example, I add my brand # that is part of the pin’s subject. I’ve never seen instructions or advice saying not to do this. But I am curious what you think?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      You can add your brand hashtag as a way of easily showing your pins if they search for the name of your brand on Pinterest. You might also want to inform audience that you are using that hashtag so they can be aware of it and for them to use that hashtag when searching for your pins.

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