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MARKETING DURING COVID19 – How Can Marketers & Businesses Adapt and Survive the Coronavirus Crisis





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25 Thoughts to “MARKETING DURING COVID19 – How Can Marketers & Businesses Adapt and Survive the Coronavirus Crisis”

  1. Elif Hız

    What are some other things you think marketers can/should do during the crisis? Let’s chat in the comments! ⬇️

  2. dua dua

    Hello elif, I am a merketing student and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed lately with what is going on in the world. And staying at home unproductive is draining me! I want to spend this time learning practical marketing not just theory you have any recommendations?

    1. Elif Hız

      It’s SO normal to feel overwhelmed. Believe me, everyone feels that way about one thing or another these days so don’t be hard on yourself ❤️
      I think a great thing to do in this time is to create your own project and put your knowledge into practice on your experiment. Create a website and experiment with everything you want to get experience with. How does that sound?

  3. Snow Queen Tarot

    This is a very nice and trippie shirt you got on!

    1. Elif Hız

      thanks, I love it too! 🙂

  4. Alpha Nemesis

    I love your videos so interesting and inspirational. Future Digital Marketer here! Btwn i want to say, your English is so good and clear otherwise some YouTubers English is hard to understand and i have to open subtitles. Your English accent is so simple and clear to understand 💗👍🏻💗

    1. Peter Audu

      What do you do right now?

    2. Alpha Nemesis

      @Peter Audu currently studying in highschool 12th class with commerce field (business subjects).

    3. Elif Hız

      Thanks, glad to hear its clear 🙂

    4. Alpha Nemesis

      @Elif Hız 😄😊😊😄

  5. Nicole Adriane da Silva

    Hi Elif, here in Brazil my mom has an English school. We are giving scholarships for university students that are helping in the research of COVID-19. This action gave us 5 new students with only a post in the right Facebook groups, doesn’t seem much, but in a time like this, it’s a victory for us. With this result, I concluded that if our marketing is based on ethical values and with your customers ‘ needs in the first place, we should be ok. Thanks a lot for your video

    1. Elif Hız

      I love this, thanks so much for sharing Nicole. It’s a great point you made about ethical values – something that’s crucial to differentiate businesses in hard times and its so great to give back value to your community.

  6. mohamed elamir

    Great video, also I think businesses should create an educational content(courses, live videos with experts) on their niche that will increase the brand awareness, in general, business should focus on branding. What do you think?

  7. Nikola Lukacova

    I agree with all tips 😊 If I may add something
    👍🏼 focus rather on being helpful than pushy selling
    👍🏼 brands shouldn’t ignore CV19 (it might come off as insensitive) , embrace it in your content strategy and adjust your offering accordingly.

    1. Elif Hız

      Very true! Thanks for sharing Nikola!

  8. Mohamed Sokhna

    Easy-going communication style, valuable inputs, and the overall consistency of your contents makes you @elifhiz one of my most precious sources in the digital marketing area. Thank you, keep sending your good vibes and insightful inputs. Also sharing this with you article :

    1. Elif Hız

      Thanks Mohamed, I’m thrilled to hear that! Have a great day! 😊🙌🏻

  9. Ingrid Meireles Cavalcanti Oliveira

    Elif, hi! I just wanted to say I love your videos. I work with online media/ads, and even though this is not your speciality, Im really inspired by you. Thank you for always sharing with us such a valuable content. Best wishes, be safe! #brazilian #Brazil

    1. Elif Hız

      Thanks for being here and taking time to leave a comment Ingrid, I appreciate it 🙌🏻😊

  10. Христина Михайлова

    Hi Elif, thank you for information. I think that will be very good for companies if they give same free for costumers. For example, if you are furniture shop, you can make free kitchen projects or renderings. 😊 it’s a good way to win customers. What do you think?

    1. Elif Hız

      If they are able to afford it, a free sample tactic could definitely work. Or a free digital asset/trial depending on the type of business.

  11. Aida

    Useful video! If there are SaaS companies here who wonder what marketing campiagns will work during covid-19, you can check out Incredo’s list of campaigns – 13 Marketing Campaigns SaaS companies launched during coronavirus (beyond providing free access or making discounts)

  12. Ercan Abraham

    The need for content right now is so huge, so much opportunity!

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