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Larry Kim’s Top 5 Favorite Facebook Marketing Hacks for 2020 and Beyond


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22 Thoughts to “Larry Kim’s Top 5 Favorite Facebook Marketing Hacks for 2020 and Beyond”

  1. Tolulope Dahunsi

    thanks Eric, Neil and Larry for the content
    I would like to have a personal chat and interview with you.

    1. Eric Siu - Leveling up

      Great, thank you so much for tuning in! What did you have in mind?

    2. Tolulope Dahunsi

      @Eric Siu – Leveling up I would need some personal advice from you, for my personal brand

  2. Rob Brooks

    Wow A* guest and A* talk, yet no one on YouTube has noticed!

    Thank you Eric and Neil for organising this 😃

    1. Eric Siu - Leveling up

      Fantastic, thank you for tuning in Rob! Great to hear you enjoyed the talk! This was from our live event a couple weeks ago and so far we’ve got a lot of great feedback 😀 Larry is incredible.

  3. Ravi Tharuma

    Kim is an Underdog! 🙌 He is very humble and not a typical salesman like other flashy marketers

    1. Eric Siu - Leveling up

      100% – We really enjoyed having Larry at the event – he’s such a great speaker. Glad to hear you enjoyed the talk!

  4. Lydia Sugarman

    The comparison of email vs. messaging is completely inaccurate. ESPs do not allow customers to use purchased lists. Senders are required by Federal CAN-SPAM regulations to not only honor unsubscribes but to also make it easy to unsubscribe. With sophisticated ESPs it is possible to include dynamic content.

    1. Mahad Said

      Lydia Sugarman does it matter? Email is a thing of the past. Messenger is the future. Simple.

    2. Lydia Sugarman

      @Mahad Said The research proves that you are so wrong.

    3. Mahad Said

      Lydia Sugarman please share.

    4. Crystal Davis

      @Mahad Said You are WAY WAY off! Many people hate Facebook and won’t ever use messenger. Email you OWN, messenger you don’t. Facebook is not growing it’s dying lol. Don’t believe me? Ask any 25 year old If they use it. Email will always be a great idea, messenger is ok, but no way does it replace email, many people don’t and won’t ever use messenger.

    5. Mahad Said

      Crystal Davis lol 😂 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Lupe Garza

    Thanks for the advice Eric & Larry! I’ve used it to enhance services for headstartdigital.com the #1 ranking Texas SEO Agency.

    1. Eric Siu - Leveling up

      Word! Right on Lupe, great to hear you’re putting this into action.

  6. Lukas Klesik

    Amazing content ! Larry is genius! Thanks

    1. Eric Siu - Leveling up

      Fantastic, thank you for tuning in! Great to hear you enjoyed!

  7. Andrew Ybarra

    Love this thank you! Where can i get more info about Marketing School Live?

    1. Eric Siu - Leveling up

      Awesome, thank you for tuning in Andrew!
      We’ll have more information at marketingschool.io/live – you can fill out an application for our next events

  8. Andrea Hamilton

    Thank you Larry! This is the first time I’ve heard “Communication Commerce.” I love the presentation, made sense.

    1. Eric Siu - Leveling up

      Fantastic! Great to hear you enjoyed, Larry was amazing.

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