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How To Run Facebook Ads FREE | Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing

In this video clip I demonstrate how to run fb ads free of charge. This can be made use of with Associate Advertising, Shopify Dropshipping, SMMA & even more!

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29 Thoughts to “How To Run Facebook Ads FREE | Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Matthew Johnston

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    1. Fatur Firdiansyah

      Matthew Johnston. Nice one. Thanks.👍👍👍

    2. Matthew Johnston

      Fatur Firdiansyah thank you!

    3. Daniel Nino

      If we are doing clickbank, can we just send the link to all these people we find in facebook that may like a page of such product? Or would we still have to create a website for them to click on and the clickbank link?

  2. Jeffery Carwell

    This is a GAME CHANGER

    1. Matthew Johnston

      Jeffery Carwell 100%! Thank you!

  3. Hitesh Kumar

    This will definitely help alot people who’re Struggling with Facebook Ads 😃

    1. Matthew Johnston

      Hitesh Kumar 100% thank you!

  4. Rundle92

    Do you have to add them as friends to be able to add them to your Facebook group???

    1. Matthew Johnston

      Rundle92 yes

    2. Hamza Hajji

      Matthew Johnston can i invite them to my page?

  5. Guadalupe Alvarado

    Mat what do I type in to get to the Ads manager site for the Advertising on Facebook you just promoted

  6. Yildiz Bünyamin

    u just dropped a BOMB thx ! Will definitely start with this free version.

    1. Matthew Johnston

      Yildiz Bünyamin glad you enjoyed 🔥

  7. Home Worker

    How would you go about sending Friend requests to people you don’t know, without getting banned by Facebook? I’m not understanding how you could market to these people without getting into trouble with Facebook. Please explain how we’d market to these people without getting our Facebook accounts shut down. Thank you.

    1. The Number One

      yes I agree with you the part important is How to provide these people and how torget them

  8. CuriousPeople AllOverTheWorld

    Mind blowing 😲❤ you’re the best

  9. Abdoo Laasili

    please i have question
    Is there a way to know the type of phone Android or iPhone?
    thank you <3

  10. Crystal Helene

    WHAT!!!! GTFOH WOW!!! Never knew this trick!!!

  11. Fire Alarm How Too Guy

    You’ve just earned another subscriber. Thanks for this video

  12. Lexa Terrestrial

    woah. secretly genius.

  13. Hailmi Johar

    such a user friendly speech delivery

  14. RivalingLight

    Hey i subscribed to you for sharing powerful strategy but i have one question. Can i link them to an article that contains the affiliate link??

  15. Tamara Dixon

    I like it!! Thank you for this quick info. I subscribe to your channel!! 😉

  16. Jack Browder

    So, how do we market to the list without getting banned by FB.

  17. Looto Tech Skill

    love from india

  18. Mandirigma Filipino Warrior

    You always have value in your videos. Awesome content even for a quick video. Nice and to the point which I appreciate very much! Thank you very much Matt!! I just joined clickfunnels and will attempt this 100day challenge.

  19. Mandirigma Filipino Warrior

    Question – Once you find all these targeted people. How do you Invite them and Add them to a particular FB Page you created???

  20. Fortnite Fun

    I’m sorry but when I click on engagement there is no continue button. It says setup account. On Lookup ID if I add a second Multiple Variables I get This page isn’t available.

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