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How To Make Super Profitable Clickbank Campaign Using Facebook Ads [Tutorial]

Wondering just how to advertise Clickbank products making use of Facebook Ads? In this video clip, you will certainly see how to make super-profitable affiliate marketing campaigns with Clickbank!

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This complete Clickbank tutorial will reveal you start to finish exactly how to make money with Clickbank. Affiliate advertising and marketing for newbies might be tough often, particularly beginning but it doesn't need to be. Utilize this style to structure your Certified Public Accountant marketing campaigns.

In the end, everything comes down to testing: offers, landers, advertisements, and also copy. The more you test the more data you get to make precise decisions.

Even the most recent beginners can earn money with Clickbank in 2019 if they follow the actions received this video clip. With some initiative and simply a bit of good luck you will certainly see the very first conversions take place on your very first campaigns.




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30 Thoughts to “How To Make Super Profitable Clickbank Campaign Using Facebook Ads [Tutorial]”

  1. Jonathan Bradshaw

    Lmao you had my crying 18:43

  2. S Gill

    Very informative video. Thanks

  3. Enes Günes

    have you ever tested the conversion campaign? Probably you get better results from the traffic campaign.

  4. Ted Highwater

    Idk why but my facebook accounts just keep getting banned when I try to do these kinds of things… I got a few sales each time and BAM a ban no warning no reason why my account is just gone every time… 3 times it has happend now and idk what to do anymore.. How does everyone else keep doing these strategies and end up being fine?

    1. Joel Loh

      Your Facebook ads account have been ban by using this method, mind I know do you manage to find out whats happening? Hope to hear from your advice.

    2. Lau KM

      i understand you Ted. I used the same strategy or funnel too…got my ads account banned multiple times…even my page is being flagged.

  5. Amber Spirit

    40:20 the pic looks porn

  6. Christian Piche

    which category we cant run on fb ??

  7. Amit Malhotra

    Hi Colin, i have requested access to your FB group and awaiting approval, if you could please approve my request, i am your subscriber on you tube and really love your videos

  8. Dutch Lady

    Colin Dijs are you Dutch

  9. Lori Cumpston

    You are so funny!!!

  10. top market

    Hi bro, this is a simple door page, excellent, How long do you wait to see if there are sales or how do you handle that?

  11. Иван Делчев

    Colin, Do you split test images/copy and landing pages?

    1. Colin Dijs

      Yes, all variables.

    2. Иван Делчев

      @Colin Dijs Just one more question.
      Do you create lookalike audiences?

    3. ltz Venomz

      @Иван Делчев Yeah he probably does

  12. Marketing Digital con Hugo Bazán

    Gracias Colin!

  13. Kevin Kavanagh

    Awesome video Colin, thanks for sharing your knowledge

    1. Colin Dijs

      No problem Kevin ;;)

  14. Amir B

    hi Colin, do we have this option to create same clickfunnel page in your given 20$ per month link?

  15. sylvain lepine

    i did not understand the pixel part what is the code ??

    1. Colin Dijs

      It’s from Facebook Ads Manager.

  16. ASG Rides

    What kind of ROI are you getting?

  17. Brigitte Bentulan

    Do you have to use a Facebook business page?

  18. Dimagrisci in 3 settimane

    I pay 6 dollars for only 1 click 😭 how can I fix this big issue?

  19. David Amos

    Colin, why TRAFFIC and not CONVERSIONS when you start?

    1. Colin Dijs

      Can’t place pixel usually

  20. Colin Dijs

    Are you struggling to get conversions with Clickbank?😱 Schedule a FREE 15-minute call with my team 😍👉 http://www.colinrecommends.com/free-15mincall

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