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How To Make Money On Pinterest 2020 (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

In this video clip you will certainly find out just how to generate income on pinterest 2020.

FREE How to Begin Affiliate Advertising And Marketing Guide (Step-by-Step):
. Check out tailwind. How to do keyword research.
Regarding This Video clip.

What we will cover:.

– Why Pinterest is best for your business?- Just how to establish your pinterest account properly
. -The basic 3 step system.- Exactly how to optimize your pins.
– Automating the whole process. I certainly can not cover whatever in one video regarding how to make
money with pinterest, however this must give you a very clear suggestion on everything you need to learn about exactly how to generate income with this system. If you're searching for a step-by-step associate advertising tutorial, I will detail the most relevant videos and playlists below:. Action 1: Selecting your particular niche as well as making certain you're doing something your enthusiastic about, is one of the most fundamental part when starting associate marketing however more notably doing it properly. View my niche selection video right here:. Action 2: Finding the right associate item is essential. Partnering up with the wrong business can

spoil your associate marketing company in a heartbeat. There are several affiliate products you can promote as well as lots of different methods to find the most effective affiliate programs. Enjoy my product choice video clip below:. Action 3: Creating your affiliate marketing sales funnel and also email autoresponder sequence is possibly what will seperate you from 99% of other associate marketers that just can't make this buiness design benefit them. Enjoy how to set up a sales funnel right here:. Step 4: Since everything is established … we require website traffic. What are the very best web traffic resources? In this video clip

I cover just how to get website traffic( free and also paid )as well as more importantly exactly how to make web traffic convert into sales. View the video clip here:. Right here's how to make money on pinterest 2020. If you have any type of inquiries allow me understand and also I'll engage with you in the remarks

. Regarding Micky. I m a 24 years of age business owner and also dog lover from Italy. My objective is to help individuals around the world begin their very first online organisation and be success doing. I m not your elegant Expert nor will certainly
I ever declare to be

. However, I can guarantee you I will constantly try to offer you with as much value loaded material as feasible so I assist you obtain outcomes with the most recent techniques that are presently work for me. I m the proprietor and also maker of �� a business that wants to aid starting entrepreneurs who are having a hard time to build a long-term sustainable service and put on t have much experience or technological understanding ultimately discover success with verified method that aren t based on hype or trends but on years as well as years of outcomes. Apply what we educate and also you ll see even more cash, time and general LIBERTY in your business/life. Many thanks for reading! Micky. ** PLEASE NOTE ** I am not a monetary consultant and anything that I state on this YouTube network ought to not be viewed as economic advice. I am only sharing my prejudiced viewpoint based off of speculation and my personal experience. You need to always understand that with investing there is constantly risk.

You should always do your own research prior to making any kind of investment. If I reveal my outcomes or students results comprehend I m not guaranteeing in any way you will certainly obtain these types of outcomes. My outcomes and student outcomes are from effort and also I m revealing you results for ideas as well as educational functions. Songs Credit scores:. Song: LAKEY INFLUENCED- Chill Day( Vlog No Copyright Songs). Songs given by Vlog No Copyright Songs. Video Link:. #ClickbankAffiliateMarketing #Pinterest #MakeMoneyOnline.




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31 Thoughts to “How To Make Money On Pinterest 2020 (Step-By-Step Tutorial)”

  1. Michele Olivieri

    Replying to all your comments! Ask away 🙂 🔥

    1. Gabe Superina

      Hey Michele Olivieri, what would you recommend as the best affiliate marketing method for a beginner to start making money in 2020 (realistically a few hundred a week)

    2. Michele Olivieri

      @Gabe Superina Hi Gabe. My suggestion is to start a website or a youtube channel, since these will be long-term assets that you can grow overtime. Hope this helps

  2. Gabe Superina

    Great to see you back making videos. Keep it up, love your work.

    1. Michele Olivieri

      Thank you Gabe appreciate the constant support 🙂

  3. Kyle Malin

    Would this still work if I want to make a broad lifestyle blog (includes health, food, and finance) and then narrow my niches down in individual boards so that I can promote different ClickBank products all in one account?

    1. Michele Olivieri

      Hi Kyle, it all depends on the brand that you’re trying to create. If your goal is to create a lifestyle or personal blog, then yes it makes sense since the blog is about you and your interests, however if you just want to create websites that have the sole intention of getting affiliate sales, then I would suggest to create an individual account for each niche. Hope this helps and thanks for watching 🙂

    2. Kyle Malin

      Currently, I have a “blog” with affiliate reviews on it to act as a middleman. Rn I just have affiliate reviews on products in health and food niches. You would suggest I make multiple Pinterest pages for each product and verify my website on each page?

    3. Michele Olivieri

      @Kyle Malin Food and health are closely related so it may work fine to use the same website, if you use the right angle such as “healthy foods recipes” for example. However I would suggest to make sure you seperate these two topics into different categories on your website and also create completely seperate boards for both topics. As mentioned in the video, I view boards on pinterest like categories on wesbites, so you want to make sure everything on your pinterest account is organized correctly. If all your categories fall under the same broader niche you’re going for then it should be fine. I hope this makes sense 🙂


    Keep up the good work best brother

    1. Michele Olivieri

      Thank you ahah <3

  5. Avik Paul

    I am your new subscriber and beginner at Clickbank affiliate marketing and see your lots of videos and know how to start…thanks a lot, Sir I have one question in which social media(Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest ) is best as a beginner.

    1. Michele Olivieri

      Hey Avik, thanks for subscribing means a lot. I would personally suggest to start with either youtube or pinterest, since they are search engines and you can get much more targeted long-term traffic. Whatever you pick just make sure to only do one at a time and master it. Hope this helps 🙂

    2. otacon1024

      Definitely Pinterest. No need to build a following unlike Instagram and Facebook, and posts generate traffic for far longer (months rather than hours or days). Just focus on SEO in titles/descriptions, and make sure your pins are visually appealing. Plenty of guides and videos out there for what kind of pins perform well.
      One caveat – the audience is overwhelmingly female, so male-oriented niches/products won’t do as well there.

    3. Michele Olivieri

      @otacon1024 I do personally agree with you, much more longevity to content creation where you focus on seo and organic traffic such as pinterest, youtube and blogging. Thanks for watching 🙂

  6. Anas Saidi

    I’m total beginner do you think this video will be enough to help me get my first sale ?

    1. Michele Olivieri

      If you stick with this strategy and not lose focus of course it can 🙂

  7. My Better Lifeline

    How to stay focus mickey?

    1. Michele Olivieri

      Ask yourself what you truly want first. Then ask yourself what do you need to do to get there and finally and most importantly cut out everything that is a distraction and won’t help you.

    2. My Better Lifeline

      @Michele Olivieri done 👍🏻

  8. Aaron

    I’ve had pinterest for a while, just started promoting about 3 affiliate links on my boards maybe 3 days ago. Got a few impressions and link clicks per pin but no sales yet..

    1. Michele Olivieri

      You’re on the right track, just stick to it. Good things take time 🙂

    2. Aaron

      @Michele Olivieri Thanks i will. 🙂

  9. Julie Ann Diorio

    My pinterest account is growing very fast and I hope faster now with your great tips! One thing I am missing is content – and I think that is why no-one is responding to my offers. I will start with content and see what happens! Thanks!

    1. Michele Olivieri

      Awesome Julie, I’m sure some of these tips will help your account grow faster 🙂 Thanks for watching 😊

  10. betopelotaz1

    For now i will use my direct clickbank link; later on i will create a website on wix or weebly but for now it will do. however i was wondering how can i put my direct clickbank link on my pinterest bio under my profile, Can’t do that can you? If so do I need to get it claimed?

  11. hamza sajid

    sir if i work on it, then how i can take money or withdraw money through pinterest tell me please.what will i do to with draw money through it.

  12. Cook Bum

    Is re pin a concept similar to sharing such as fb, instagram??

    1. Michele Olivieri

      Yes that’s correct. a repin is people adding that piece of content to one of their boards. Hope this makes sense 🙂

  13. Cook Bum

    I have website. so I am thinking Whether to use Pinterest as a traffic source for affiliate marketing or shopify mall

    1. Michele Olivieri

      If you have a website where you create content such as written articles and majority of your audience is femal dominated 100% Pinterest 🙂

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