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How To Get SMMA Clients on LinkedIn Jobs EASILY (Social Media Marketing Agency)





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21 Thoughts to “How To Get SMMA Clients on LinkedIn Jobs EASILY (Social Media Marketing Agency)”

  1. Joshua Annor

    Honestly I came across several opportunities like this but they always looking for employees

  2. Luc Desmeijer

    do you even still have an agency?

  3. Oscar Perez

    Hey Bradley, hope you’re doing well man. Just curious if you also experience many sellers not respond back to your loom video after they watch it.. Is that a normal thing?

    Also, have you had them say that they like it but they need to talk to their team or higher manager? Even though they’re the owner

    1. Bradley Riley

      Sometimes people don’t respond but I would say that the response rate is so much higher. I must say that I don’t really receive that issue.

  4. Kasra M

    I hear is good idea to pm business owners on Yelp too what you think?

    1. Bradley Riley

      Haven’t given that a go before. It sounds like it would work. I’ll think about giving it a go.

  5. Eric Ekstrand

    Can you do a video on how to take automatic subscription based payments from clients using Stripe that would be awesome.

    1. Bradley Riley

      Great idea. I’ll work on that.

  6. Sean Byrne

    Mate, defo need help with how to price ecom clients and just as I
    important… What to pay your contractor. Some ecom clients are small, some larger… Need help on how to price this type of client. Mucho appreciated ๐Ÿ‘Œ

    1. Bradley Riley

      The minimum that I charge for Facebook ads for an ecom client is $1K plus ad spend. Above a certain threshold I will charge a percentage of adspend because it takes more time for my team. I like to make sure my team costs don’t exceed a third of my incomings.

    2. Sean Byrne

      @Bradley Riley thanks for responding ๐Ÿ‘ŒWhat do you pay your contractors from the management fee?

    3. Sean Byrne

      @Bradley Riley are you suggesting that you pay 30-35% of the management fee to your contractors? Thanks man

  7. Vanessa Abuloc

    Thank you for this Bradley!

  8. Scott

    You’re a good guy Brad!


    How can I get more Dental meetings? I currently using Linked in Premium to send owners video proposal directly but never get replies. Any help to get some more dental meetings would be great! Thanks Brad ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

  10. Miky M

    Hey man, does it mean that as an smma you have to be posting and keep their page engaged at all times ?

  11. Funnyone99

    Wow this is actually a great method I canโ€™t wait to build my profile to a more professional approach and start reaching out to business and state why Iโ€™d be a better option then in house

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