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How To Create A Facebook Likes Campaign

This video is upgraded with the Summer 2016 Facebook interface adjustments for Advertisements Manager.

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The video was produced to aid participants of the Elite Marketing Pro area, as well as others. I hope you locate it beneficial.

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This video, channel and linked sites are not related to, or owned by Facebook. Facebook is a profession mark of Facebook Inc. This video clip is meant as a tutorial of opinion for those wanting to perform business on the social networks system.




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10 Thoughts to “How To Create A Facebook Likes Campaign”

  1. Diane Hutchings

    Like the video, can see what is being pointed to but unable to read it for it is to small. Really do wish is was larger print. Love the content otherwise. 🙂

    1. Penny S. Kelley

      Hi, Diane, as in the other video – these are best viewed in full screen. There is a lot of detail in the ad set-up, and you can see everything pretty well in the full screen view.

  2. Terry Yesford

    There have been changes to FB since the video, I believe, as my pages aren’t exactly following the video, LOL.

    1. Penny S. Kelley

      Shadowsmom42 Padgett-Swick Shadowsmom42 Padgett-Swick Facebook makes frequent changes. There is a newer video on this topic as well. -I keep forgetting to link that one here! Just check my channel for the new one.

    2. Terry Yesford

      Thank you, Penny! Much appreciated!

    3. Isabel Mendoza

      Looking forward to the new video! Thank you!!!

  3. Terry Yesford

    I click on Business Manager, but I don’t have any type of ‘ads manager’…..it doesn’t allow me to click on it. Is that because I don’t have any ads?

    1. Penny S. Kelley

      Shadowsmom42 Padgett-Swick If you have business manager, then ads manager is accessed from the menu at the top left of your screen.

  4. Edward Johnson

    where did you get your name logo from?

  5. Anastasia Pappa

    So clear & explicit! Very helpful video! Thank you Penny!!! 🤗❗️

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