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How To Create A Board On Pinterest: Pinterest Board Ideas (2020)

Exactly how To Produce A Board On Pinterest: Pinterest Board Ideas (2020 )

You might not realize just how vital Pinterest boards names are for your success on this platform. Providing keyword-optimized titles to your boards on Pinterest can be definitely essential for assisting your pins rank greater for the key phrases you wish to target in them.


From this video clip, you'll discover just how to handle Pinterest boards properly to expand website traffic to your web site from Pinterest naturally.



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45 Thoughts to “How To Create A Board On Pinterest: Pinterest Board Ideas (2020)”

  1. Fayssal Mostefaoui

    Thanks a lot Anastasia. Pinterest is the main source trafic of my website and i find your videos very helpful. Thankssssssss

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      thank you for the kind feedback! 🙂

    2. M T

      do you find that people buy your product through Pinterest?

  2. Kas R

    Another great video, many thanks Anastasia.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      thank you!

  3. zac Samu

    Great video, I’m new to Pinterest so this helps 😊

  4. Dirk Wüstenhagen

    Thanks very much for this information. You mentioned in another video, that it doesn’t help adding new information to older pins, such as hashtags. Would you recommend optimizing older boards with more relevant descriptions and titles? Or is it better to create new boards?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Glad it’s helpful! I would recommend optimizing older boards and also creating new boards for related keywords which you didn’t cover in your older boards yet.

    2. Dirk Wüstenhagen

      @Anastasia Blogger thank you very much!

  5. Indian mom vlogs Latha

    Anastasia what category are you selecting for Blogging and Pinterest related boards?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Technology or Geek (depends on my mood on that day, haha). Both are not exactly suitable but Pinterest has no Marketing category, so I consider these two the closest 🙂

    2. Indian mom vlogs Latha

      @Anastasia Blogger thanks

  6. Md Roman Hossain

    oh! great,, Can get your Skype please?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      If you want to ask me questions about Pinterest marketing, here in Youtube comments is the best place for it.

  7. Md Roman Hossain

    One Question to you please help me,,, How can I collect my Category type amazing picture for pinging my account.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Sorry, I read your question a few times, I can’t understand what you are asking.

  8. Anita Dow

    Brilliant insights that I have not come across before. I especially appreciate the tip on using the categories section to find related topics. Thanks very much Anastasia.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you, I’m happy it was helpful! 🙂

  9. Dawn Brosh

    Great video as always. You’re so clear and concise.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you for watching!

  10. Paul Huth

    Hi Anastasia, another very helpful video. I have a newbie question. I’m selling coffee mugs with mostly fun & funny designs. I want to keep the board with these on them exclusively with my pins. Then create another humorous board with mine and other people’s pins on it. Is that possible? Thanks

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi Paul! Sure it’s possible, just use your brand name in addition to the focus keyword in the board that has exclusively your own pins, so you can differentiate between them easily.

    2. Paul Huth

      Thanks for the quick reply, Anastasia. I’m starting to pin now. Lighten Up Gifts. @Anastasia Blogger

  11. Matt Nismo

    Hi Anastasia, thanks for another awesome video! Do subsections of the boards play any role in the Pinterest ranking? My understanding is that it’s another opportunity to use targeted keywords. Did you notice any noticeable improvement from using them?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi, Matt! Pinterest’s official position about sections on the boards is that they are just for user’s convenience and not involved in Pinterest SEO. They introduced sections more than a year ago and since then, no new statements were made. Maybe in the future it would change and sections would play a role in rankings.

      Another issue I have with sections is that you can’t save pins to them through Tailwind. Not convenient at all.

    2. Matt Nismo

      @Anastasia Blogger Thank you! Good point

  12. altar7

    Great advice, thank you

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you for watching my channel!

  13. Sabrina Farber

    love it. Very helpful for our landscape design biz!! Sabrina

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Glad it was helpful! 🙂

  14. Titus Israel

    Enjoyed your video. I am new to Pinterest and about to create a Pinterest business account. I have a general product dropshipping store. Should I create boards for each product category on my store?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi, Titus! Yes, it is indeed a good idea for eCommerce to start building boards around the product categories of the store. For some reason, my eComm clients and students often overlook this option and tell me it’s hard for them to come up with board names. When in fact, their most important board names are usually right in front of them on their website 🙂

    2. Titus Israel

      @Anastasia Blogger Thanks for your prompt response and wise counsel. Thanks again.

  15. Avik Paul

    Ma’am I am loving to see your videos and you are a great explainer.

    I have a question that can I edit or use these images from these categories for my pins with page attribution ?

  16. reviews specialist

    you should add CC in all your videos.

  17. Frank Pansino

    I’m subscribed!
    Is there any strategies/ formula when it comes to creating pin titles?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Thank you for watching! 🙂 Put the focus keyword in the first 30 characters, add more related keywords afterwords, make it intriguing to motivate users for a click 🙂

  18. RealAdamArrington

    Question: Would you recommend renaming and changing descriptions on existing boards? Or creating new boards instead?

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      That depends on how significant the change is. If you want to edit the board title by adding a few related keywords it’s not critical. If you just edit or add board descriptions, that can be done at any time with your older boards. If you need to have a completely different focus keyword in the board title, it’s worth creating a new board.

  19. Kevin Avilés

    Great video, new subscriber here! I’m trying to create a Pin from my Etsy store. My listings have more that one product on it (from shirts to hoodies) and when I save the pin of the main product (a shirt) it displays the price of the most expensive product (hoodies) on the top left corner of the pin. Any idea how to fix that? Thanks!

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      Hi there! thank you for watching! I’ve never seen listings with multiple products that have different prices, how does it look like? Can you show an example?

    2. Kevin Avilés

      @Anastasia Blogger Yes, can you give me an email where I can send you a link from one of my listings?

  20. Kaja Capi

    I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest for a long time and I never wanted to make it a public platform what I do love Pinterest for are boards and I’m devastated that they have removed the option to search for boards because that’s practically all I am on Pinterest for.

    1. Anastasia Blogger

      I’m not sure we are on the same page about this. Have you tried Pinterest’s filters for search results? You can choose to search for boards there! (it’s a link to the screenshot, since I can’t attach a screenshot file on Youtube).

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