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How I’m Still Doing Property Deals w COVID-19 LOCKDOWN (EXACT STEPS/ FACEBOOK ADS)

Throughout this crazy time with Coronavirus and also quarantine, I decided to change my residential or commercial property investing approach. I am mosting likely to make as much CASH as possible through home entrepreneurship FROM RESIDENCE in seclusion lockdown as well as will share every step of the means with you here on my YouTube network. Subscribe for next video update!

Comment listed below your strategies to keep making money during this epidemic!

Just how to construct a residential or commercial property portfolio from scratch in 7 DAYS:

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35 Thoughts to “How I’m Still Doing Property Deals w COVID-19 LOCKDOWN (EXACT STEPS/ FACEBOOK ADS)”

  1. Matt Beks

    Really interesting to see how you set up Facebook ads. Curious, would you also use Google AdWords and target transactional keywords. For quick keyword research use keyword list generator from SEObook to create a crazy amount of modifiers eg: quick sale + location and set to exact match only.

  2. Matt Beks

    Also, what platform are you using for your website? Have you ever considered doing SEO to the website or have a google friendly content strategy? I can help ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Affiliate Lifestyle

      What Platform was you thinking Matt?

  3. Alex Graves

    Samuel, have you thought about using Facebook Pixel on your website? It effectively collects data for the demographics that are clicking through to your website and will let you scale down your ads targeting even further? It’s a quick addition and if you are sending traffic from Facebook you are sure to get some very useful information for your target market.

  4. Tristan Collings

    Why do you need to set up a facebook ad to attract investors as surely you already have a list of investors who have signed up through your property training?

    1. Balvinder Singh

      Heโ€™s doing it from scratch very much like one of his viewers would have to.

    2. Daraius Murrell

      He is showing us how anyone, regardless of of their network, can make it in property during the lockdown.

  5. Husna

    Show us how to set up the website please Samuel!

  6. Anthony Acquah-Ghann

    Like the video. Nothing is too long, as long as you are learning something valuable ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฟ


    Samuel good to share this. I still don’t under how one can be confident in deal sourcing, buying and optioning properties from leads if you can’t do the proper due diligence. This always includes touching and seeing the properties with your own eyes which is impossible at the moment.

    I can not trust picture and video tours, as people can choose what to show and not to. Cracks in walls, floor movement, bowing roofs, subsidence and damp is only possible to see in person. One would say get a survey done but majority have stopped this during this crisis.

    I think its a good idea non the less to build up a database to pounce upon once the lockdown is lifted.

  8. Hassan Dalvie

    Amazing content Samuel! From South Africa

  9. KeananRiby17

    Can you do a video on talking to some of the leads and motivated sellers and how you would conduct business between the two parties

  10. Tony churchley

    Nice video about how to pace an add online,but during these challenging time its the last thing on peoples minds, so it probably wont get much response.

  11. Oday Hasen

    You are touching your face a lot mate! Stay safe ๐Ÿ™ƒ

  12. Maria Akele

    Hey Samuel I really appreciate the video. You mantioned about making a website for your property can you show us how to? thank you x

    1. Umerkkk Khan

      Send me message on umeerk44@gmail.com i will built you for free, i am a web developer and also invest in properties

    2. Eco Energizer

      @Umerkkk Khan can i contact you? Paul ๐Ÿ™‚

    3. Umerkkk Khan

      @Eco Energizer sure! ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. Eco Energizer

      @Umerkkk Khan great sent you and email looking forward to chat

  13. Maria Akele

    Hi back again, some of us are still having trouble logging back into our online property investment course. Do you when it could be sorted out, I can’t wait to learn more to start the challenge . Thank you

    1. Fatma salum

      @Don Mayleone where does one find this information?

    2. Don Mayleone

      Fatma salum Google

    3. Fatma salum

      Don Mayleone not specific but alright

    4. Don Mayleone

      Fatma salum Iโ€™m sorry I canโ€™t point you to somewhere specific. One of the many free courses you can find on google would be a good place to start. Then platforms like Quora or even a reputable Facebook group I would assume. To come up with an investment strategy you need to learn how to research the housing market in your city. Once you understand the basics and have some idea of a strategy that works in your city and fits your budget you can discuss this with estate agents that specialise in the type of property youโ€™re looking to invest in. Maybe even book a consultation with a local property investment management firm under the pretence you just want a return from your investment. You can get an idea from them what theyโ€™ll be doing with your money to get a return and learn that way. Itโ€™s not as simple as taking a course unfortunately. It differs hugely depending on your circumstances

    5. Fatma salum

      @Don Mayleone thanks for the tips anyway

  14. Aziz Savage

    could you tell us the website you used to create one (instant-properties) ? thanks in advance.

  15. Ojo Henry

    Sammy Topman , please show us how to setup that website

  16. Salvation Warrior

    What about the due diligence Samuel? How do we know that they are good deals when the sellers contact you?

  17. Faith Talks

    Great video! Perfect length and useful content. Excited to see your success!

  18. Hannah

    Awesome Samuel, great video!!

  19. Eco Energizer

    great video please show us how to get the website sorted?

    1. Aisha Akram

      Eco Energizer use leadforms or clickfunnels

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