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FREE Webinar – LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn has gone beyond 675 million participants as well as is seeing record levels of involvement (and that was before COVID-19). With numerous services clambering to find out ways to stay attached to their consumers (or people that are finding themselves jobless), time on the LinkedIn platform Will continue to boost. Organisations can utilize LinkedIn's tools as well as simple marketing strategies to keep their organisations top of mind.

This webinar will cover:
– Items to concentrate on in your individual profile and also company page
– Changing (or starting) a remote content technique
– Engaging your team with employee advocacy
– Different means to make use of hashtags on LinkedIn
– A powerful reference approach utilizing links




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2 Thoughts to “FREE Webinar – LinkedIn Marketing”

  1. Sandy Lipkowitz

    Great webinar, Just getting started with maximizing Linkedin. Fabulous start.

    1. Perry Productions

      Thank you Sandy! Optimizing your LinkedIn profile is definitely a great place to start for someone in the travel industry such as yourself. How did you stumble upon our webinar? Always curious about how people find us!

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