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Facebook Marketing 101: Running Your First Contest

Recorded on Wednesday, Jan 15, 2013 at 1PM EST/ 10 AM PST.

Intend to run a Facebook competition, however do not recognize just how to begin? Join us for this webinar and we'll supply you with all the tools you require to introduce your initial competition. We'll cover these typical questions:

– 5 points your Facebook contest have to have in order to purposefully attract your optimal followers.
– Carry out and also launch a project without needing to hire a designer or pay a developer.
– 2 easy ways to advertises your project that'll benefit any type of market.




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2 Thoughts to “Facebook Marketing 101: Running Your First Contest”

  1. SotoAdvert

    Is it possible  to change the content in another language manually??

  2. Bruce Baker

    00:00:30 “In the next 30 minutes, you’ll learn…” Video is over an hour long. And he’s already mentioned that the number of things your campaign MUST HAVE is 7. Or 5. And that you’ll learn “these three things”. What? Took me a sec. Oh, the 5 things is one of the 3 things. So what about the other 2 things!? Um…. would those be items 2 and 3 of the 3?
    I’m gonna give this video another 7 minutes. Or 3 minutes. But I dunno if I can take advice from someone with no grasp of numbers. Or consistency/short term memory. “How to get to a million followers: Get ten followers. Get five more followers. There ya go, that’s a million.”

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