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42 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads For Affiliate Marketing Tutorial 2020 – Keep Your Account Safe!”

  1. Gajapathy Crazy Guy

    I’m in India bro.Nice review.

  2. Lawrence Martins

    Thanks for taking the time to create this video Mario. This is part of why you are so successful.

    What goes around comes around.

    1. Mario brown

      Thank you Lawrence, you are very welcome

  3. Kari Härkönen

    Nice job Mario, valuable information, thanks

  4. jc Marketer

    As always bro. You deliver! thanks for your hard work, I´ll do my testing and let you know how it comes up! stay well!!

    1. Mario brown

      Sounds like a great plan, thanks for checking out the video!

  5. Mohammed Ouiss

    Traffic not conversion?

    1. Mario brown

      This was just to show the quickest and simplest way to get started, ‘traffic’ is way easier to understand vs. conversions

  6. Mohammed Ouiss

    what software do you use for video recording and editing? Thanks

    1. Mario brown

      Hey I’m on a Mac and use Screenflow. When I had a PC I used Camtasia

  7. Mohammed Ouiss

    Thank you! I have got buyer email list for clickbank product called Manefistation Magic, When makeing FB ads, shall I select interests and coutry or jsut leave it all balnk? Thank you

    1. Mario brown

      Yes you should definitely select an interest that makes sense and country

  8. Jason Stepp

    Thank you for sharing your ad strategy!

  9. Kristoffer Mike Bringas

    Awesome Tutorial Mario!

    1. Mario brown

      Thank you Kristoffer!

  10. Teeface Oba Ara

    Thanks a million Mario 🙂

  11. Mohammed Ouiss

    Could you make a video showing how to promote a top clickbank product? Thanks

    1. Mario brown

      Of course but keep in mind, I would promote it the exact way I shared in my last 2 videos, with bonus pages & ads

  12. Adelaja Ayokunle

    this is value giveaway bro ! greater days ahead

  13. officialdj phranky

    Hello sir, won’t Facebook review team check through all the pages ?

    To find the affiliate link?

    1. Mario brown

      Hi there, Facebook doesn’t have an issue with what you do on your own pages. They do have in issue with anyone trying to use an affiliate links INSIDE their Facebook Ads or if your landing page is misleading/not congruent with your ad. They don’t look at page 2,3 etc., they just want to be sure that you don’t use an affiliate link in your ad and that your first landing pages is within their guidelines

    2. officialdj phranky

      @Mario brown when running Facebook ads is it advisable to turn ON campaign budget optimization?

    3. Mario brown

      @officialdj phranky Personally I don’t like it, I like to run ad sets indivudally and be in control of them, but that’s just personal preference

  14. Denis Desmarais

    Learn a lot from you Mario, GREAT video again!

    1. Mario brown

      Thank you so much Denis

  15. Jai Mcgee

    This is video is awesome !!!

  16. Rene Mijs

    Hey you are my personal most badass teacher. keep it up man with your good work.
    You make amazing tutorials.
    I want you to make a video off: How to get GETRESPONSE INTEGRATION
    And how to include a bonus with your offer.

    With the best regards Grandmaster Mario!

    1. Mario brown

      Okay great, added to my list

  17. Rene Mijs

    this man is fantastic

  18. Nic John Smith

    first of all — how facebook allowed text on your picture used for the ad ?

    1. Mario brown

      HI there, they always allow text, you should just keep it under 20% of the space it takes up on the image but they always allowed text.

  19. Pooyan Tehranian

    do you create different fan pages on Facebook to promote different product ? can you run ads on a brand new fan page with only a few page likes ? can you explain about this ? I tried to find answer for this on YouTube and couldn’t find anything !

    1. Mario brown

      Yes correct your fanpage doesn’t need any likes at all and you can run traffic from it. No I don’t create new fanpages for each product, I just use the same fan page for everything

    2. Pooyan Tehranian

      @Mario brown I found your channel 2 days ago and i just wanna tell you what your sharing is not even in paid courses, and thank you for that ! big help to me, now question, doesn’t matter if the name of the fan page is not resonating with the product or offer ? and should i create a fan page like yours ? just my name or something general? I made an ad on a clickbank offer with a bridge page but got rejected and i didn’t get a clear answer from facebook why it was rejected, they just sent me to policy page of facebook ! how can i find out what was the issue with my ad ? should i just keep posting and testing ?

  20. Mohammed Khalid

    Do I need the extra landing page to make this work, or 1 landing page (bridge) can cut it ?

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