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Facebook Ads Delivering 70% Cheaper Leads?! My Campaign & Ad Set Strategy + Key Take Aways Revealed!

Are your Facebook advertisements dropping in cost? Have you stopped marketing on Facebook as a result of high rates? You must see this video clip!

Feeling shed in Facebook's new advertisement manager with all the changes? See this upgraded video that demonstrates how to run a facebook ad:

I'm using my very same $5 Facebook ads approach for this project that is getting 70% cheaper leads.

For my complete playlist that reveals 'just how' I set up, run and also evaluate my $5 each day Facebook ad campaigns is here:

This has been my best Facebook marketing technique for many years now and also I have actually generated over 100,000 leads with it.

Last year I was invited out to Bali to give a discussion to 500 digital marketing professionals on this subject which you can see right here:

Exceeding the Facebook ads, this video clip points out the idea of my 'Battle Breast' which is an idea I received from Tim Conley in this meeting:

I extremely suggest you see that over interview as there are lots of brilliant 'ah ha' minutes layered via that conversation.

For the screenshot that reveals my 48 hour results with the reduced leads, go below:




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47 Thoughts to “Facebook Ads Delivering 70% Cheaper Leads?! My Campaign & Ad Set Strategy + Key Take Aways Revealed!”

  1. MW Ntsimanyana II

    70% cheaper leads? That is amazing. I really wonder what that’s about, maybe you’re right and everybody’s gone on holiday πŸ˜‰

    1. Miles Beckler

      The hustlers win again! πŸ˜€

  2. Dane Smith

    Or there might be less competition bidding for the audience you’re after right now?

    1. Miles Beckler

      Ya, they are all on vacation! LOL.

  3. Bxta Rebirthed

    Huge fan man! Love your vids! πŸ™‚

  4. Sparkle Shine

    This is exactly the reason I laugh to myself when everyone is ‘trying’ all of these different things while I just do it the same way time and time again.

    1. Miles Beckler

      Ya, I used to test everything, jump on every new traffic system, trying to be on the leading edge. Then I looked at what was ‘working’ and generating leads and sales and it was like 3 things. I stopped everything else and focused on the keys and BOOM! Business jumped! πŸ˜€

    2. Sparkle Shine

      I can never keep up. I’ve tried to take a week off but I can’t say no when people want to give me their money. Sure I tweak things here and there but for the most part…. I don’t try to over complicate things, I just make them simple and easy.

    3. Hemp Billy

      Sparkle Shine teach me your ways of cheap and easy. Jedi masters

    4. Sparkle Shine

      I watch videos and wonder why people give up their ‘secrets’. I’m not done with my ‘secrets’ yet so I’ll save them but usually I’m not finished with them until they don’t work any more. I guess the only help I can give is to make actual GOOD content. What YOU think is good might not be good to a million others. The problem I see with most people is that they are SET on doing it their way….. and it seems as though their way nets them about $1.87. I make good content and stick with it for years…. same thing over and over. Plus, you are the Jedi master…. you should be teaching us πŸ™‚

  5. Ingrid Van den Abeele

    You convinced me to try. Thanks ever so much

    1. Miles Beckler

      let me know how it goes

  6. John McCauley

    Did Power Editor go away?

    1. Miles Beckler

      It did, they integrated it all to one interface now. Works well, honestly.

  7. Zac Kennedy

    Interesting timing. I was racking up real estate leads two weeks ago, and it’s been only one or two a day the last week. Thanks, Miles.

    1. Miles Beckler

      interesting. I would turn off the current campaign and I would start a fresh new campaign today with all of the same configuration and see if you get a different result.

    2. Zac Kennedy

      Miles Beckler I’ll give it a shot and let you know what happens here. Thanks for the great content.

  8. Edwards University Of Personal Development

    Great value Miles! Side note, I have been posting daily for a while now and have about 60 videos out and I am all the way up to 172 subs! I think I am going to just post daily for the life of my channel as I am loving this growth and literally have hundreds of video ideas and do not feel like I will ever run out since I am writing down a few ideas every day.

    Thanks for talking about daily content in so many of your videos. If I had not seen your videos, I would not be growing a Youtube channel right now so thank you so much! You are the man Miles!!!

    1. Miles Beckler


  9. gjcody

    Always inspirational. Thank you!

  10. Ibukun Soyoye

    Thanks for your great advice have a watches for your adverts

    1. Miles Beckler

      you are welcome

  11. Ade Isaac

    Ohh Lord, Miles givs so much value, thank you much. I am going to implement this chap.

  12. Sanju Joseph

    You are one of my favourite YouTubers – Genuine & Informative! Keep up the great work.

    1. Miles Beckler

      My pleasure… Will definitely keep it up

  13. John McCauley

    Yes! Changed ad but otherwise the same at far lower cost than before without any testing. I ain’t complaining. Maybe its the Facebook stock pressure.

    1. Miles Beckler

      okay, great to hear! Let’s make hay while the sun shines πŸ™‚

  14. Slick

    If Beckler says it’s time to go all-in, you better believe we puttin’ all them chips down! NEXT STOP LAND OF PLENTY BABY!!!

    1. Miles Beckler

      Bringing in over a thousand leaves a day right now… It’s crazy

  15. Opps Endless

    Miles, on that campaign, what is your CTR? (per link not all)

  16. Abner Espinoza

    Hey guys, I have a question. If I post a Facebook ad, will people see my personal name? Or do I first need to create a page based on my niche and then somehow post ads from that page?

    1. Miles Beckler

      Based on fan page

    2. Abner Espinoza

      Thank you so much. I was really confused. Do you happen to have a video on that? Or is it really just self explanatory and I’m missing it? πŸ˜‚

    3. Miles Beckler

      What do you setup the add it won’t allow you to run an ad for my personal page… It forces you to choose a fan page. So just go start a fan page

  17. Tom Caldwell

    Miles with all do respect what are you trying to sell us?

  18. russell johnson

    That’s amazing bro! At what percentage are you scaling the winning at sets daily? Thanks homie

    1. Miles Beckler

      $5 per day…

  19. Louie Louie

    Why do intelligent people insist on over complicating simplicity?

    1. Miles Beckler

      I think I just got called intelligent. YES!

  20. Louie Louie

    Stick to a budget that is going to keep you at a profit.Tweak the budget to work in your favor. Add more money for ads that are working well.
    Remove ads that are’nt profitable.
    Duplicate an ad that’s working well and change something about it.
    Rinse and repeat.

    1. Miles Beckler

      More about the ad set level for optimizing and they are changing budgets up to the campaign level now, too…

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