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CPA Marketing Facebook Ads Campaign Review [3 Day Rule]

Are you into associate Certified Public Accountant advertising and marketing however never ever come across the 3 Day Guideline? In this video clip, you will see a project evaluation based on the very first vital 72 hours.

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The three-day rule is something which has been around for ages but I just offered this name to it so people can understand it much better. It's a vital circulation for novices to follow to make sure success.

You run a project at 3 times the payout for three days, do you have more than 9 conversions you scale if you have less you eliminate the project.

As a novice, you might intend to adhere to the three-day rule and recall after the 3 days to analyze the outcomes. Which is exactly what we did in this video. We look back to see what could be improved to make it successful.

If there's no qualified data that would show your Certified Public Accountant marketing project can be profitable simply remove it as well as introduce brand-new ones.

As soon as you grasp the three-day policy you can release several projects every day as well as simply comply with the procedure. After a week you're entrusted a number of victors which will make you with any luck a lots of cash.




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20 Thoughts to “CPA Marketing Facebook Ads Campaign Review [3 Day Rule]”

  1. thomas colson

    Thank you Paul for sharing with the group. You have been dedicated and consistent in your efforts and I agree with Colin that your success is inevitable if you continue to progressively move forward. Be great…..


    thank you Paul and Colin for your video compaign review. What I am now confused though, from previous videos, if there is no 9 conversions in 3 day test, you kill compaign and move to test something esle, but here ROI is minus 50%, and you still believe it will give some milk. Does this mean we shall follow this method?

  3. Mithun Roy

    Thanks Pall to share your campaign to us

  4. just a little boy from Africa

    👍👍 Thanks Paul…..and also everyone who contributes to this amazing group, especially Colin.

  5. Michael Wyz

    Well done Paul, keep it up 👍🏻 Thanks Colin for constructive critic and always good advice.

  6. Nary Kh

    Thank you so much for sharing. I am looking forward to the new uploads.

  7. Jim Scott

    Thank you Pall! Nice work. You efforts help all of us who are trying to put our best foot forward with our CPA campaigns. And thank you as well Colin for your constructive feedback.Very well done from the both of you!!

  8. Ron Mais

    Thanks Pall & Colin.

  9. Alan Messina

    Pall, thank you for sharing this, its was extremely helpful, relates 100% to the current campaign I am running. Thanks again!

  10. MDKSuperCars

    I know you say that a blue border is better, but what if you have a supermarkt offer with a lot of red in the logo? Is it better to still stick with blue or make the border red to make it look more proffesional? I am always in doubt on that part

  11. Mike I

    Thank you Paul and Colin for this very informative video. I’m just getting started in CPA so your videos are like gold dust to me and others like me.


    Thanks Paul for your contribution and thanks Colin for your informative insight.. Still in the learning process..

  13. Bar Meshel

    What does it mean 3 times payout?
    Thank you Paul, great video!

  14. Pro Wiz

    Thanks Paul for providing the case study, much appreciated.

  15. Daniel Douglas

    Thanks Paul And Colin.

    Great video, busy taking notes.


    1. Project Viral

      Lets collab bro, Im Quan Brown(Argentina) on FB🔥

  16. Dan Tetreault

    Thank you, Paul! That content is so empowering to us all new cpa marketers. Colin your insights and recommendations give hope.

    1. Colin Dijs

      Glad it was helpful Dan!

  17. Colin Dijs

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