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Complete Facebook Ad for CPA Marketing Tutorial in Bangla 2020 |

Do you intend to discover Facebook Advertising campaigns for Certified Public Accountant Advertising?
You are on the right area.
In this tutorial video we'll show you step by step exactly how to choose a cpa deal, which provide you need to choose, exactly how to build a touchdown web page, exactly how to develop a Face Ad picture in Canva.com, and ultimately how to release a Facebook marketing campaigns. If you view the total tutorial and also comply with the precise very same steps then I'm sure you'll be successful in introducing the marketing campaign. Watch the whole video …



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43 Thoughts to “Complete Facebook Ad for CPA Marketing Tutorial in Bangla 2020 |”

  1. Anam Rakib

    aitai khujtesilam <3 dekhte thaki

  2. Mahfuj Hossain

    Nice vaiya many many thanks….

  3. 2018 2018

    You r a great Brother

    1. Rohan Nag

      Thank you Brother.

    2. Arman Shaikh

      আপনি 10% লুকাছেন cpa market link কোথায় আছে বলুন আপনি 90% বলেছেন 10% আসল দাদা বলুন বলুন আপনি YouTube views নিচছেন


    দাদা আপ্নাক আমি skype a knock dici reply dan plz

  5. Tech and News

    Vai facebook এ add দ‌িতে হলে visa card lage visa card to nai to ki korbo kothai add dibo

    1. Rohan Nag

      Bangladesh theke FB-te balance add korar baki ki ki payment methods ache dekhun, jodi onno kichu thake tahole seta use korun.

  6. mdtaohidul islam

    Apni ki add run korta help korban.?

    1. Rohan Nag

      Sob kichui toh dekhiye dilam…..erpor r ki help chan????

    2. Nurul 550

      @Rohan Nag run korlen ai ber result nia vedio den

  7. K. M. Atiqur Rahman

    Oh dear so nice video. Go ahead…..

    1. Rohan Nag

      That’s personal, that’s none of your business.

    2. Techergi

      @Rohan Nag True. Just bcz ur doing this live campaign, i ask this question.. I am not interested in ur earning.
      Anyway, I thaught ur smart enough to discuss. In every campaign people discuss ROI. bcz ur investing.

      suppose ur investing 20$ and u earn 15$ . Its a LOSS..
      Thats it.
      I got nothing to do with ur earning.

    3. Rohan Nag

      Look, if you look at this from a business perspective, then you must know that ROI can vary person to person, experienced to non-experienced, experts to amateur. So the ROI of a beginner, who just watched my video and launched a campaign, can never match the ROI of mine.
      Also, as I think most of my viewers are beginners, so I strongly suggested them in my video that not to think about the result first, first learn how to launch a campaign with minimum budget, how to optimize it, how to target it…and once you learn that, everything will fall into place.
      I think you are not a beginner, you probably a big businessman, so this video is not for you, and I think I’m not SMART ENOUGH to discuss my ROI with such a huge businessman like yours. I’m just a stupid fellow trying to help my brothers…

    4. Techergi

      @Rohan Nag Its Ok Rohan.
      U don’t need to panic.
      u r doing a good job. helping ur brothers is good..
      Big Businessman, ur stupid bcz ur tryng to help ur brothers.. Those are entirely a diff topic…
      Just bcz u cant answer. or ur not willing to answer, due to some reason. ur trying to portray asif i am asking some off topic or any personal..
      Its okk.
      U R not answerabl

    5. Arman Shaikh

      আপনি 10% লুকাছেন cpa market link কোথায় আছে বলুন আপনি 90% বলেছেন 10% আসল দাদা বলুন বলুন আপনি YouTube views নিচছেন

  8. health talk az

    ami mrinal from Bangladesh cpa build ar ba YouTube ar video ki vaba promote karbo

    1. health talk az

      apaner facebook id name ki , india kothai thakan, whatsapp number ta ki diban plz, 01979993994

    2. health talk az

      AdHitz.com ki youtube video kara jaba

    3. Rohan Nag

      @health talk az Amar FB/ SKYPE id prottek video-r description-e dewa ache, dekhe nin.


    thanks.ekta servey offer er landing page make kore dekale balo hoy


    you exposed everything bro keep it on..grt work indeed..best wishes for you..hopefully we can learn A to Z from this channel..one request to you never hide anything share the hidden marketing strategy of cpa marketing…rather than some of the f*** youtuber or bangladeshi outsourcing firm can learn from you a lots..because everyone doesnt have sufficient money to get enrolled for paid course..best wishes rohan nag from bangladesh

    1. Rohan Nag

      Thank You @SABUS DAS for such a lovely comment. Comments like this really keeps me going on.
      I always try to bring the best quality contents for you, never hide anything. Whatever little I know, I try to give everything to my viewers. First I try and test every method, if i’m satisfied only then I make videos on it. So I assure you, I’ll always try to give you the best knowledge. Thanks.

  11. Mushrooms Studio

    Very Helpful video, I am a T shirt designer , to kivabe Landing page & CPA offer create karbo

    1. Rohan Nag

      Video-te step by step dekhano ache…

    2. Mushrooms Studio

      @Rohan Nag Aponi to apple watch niya kaj korlen but ami to amar teespring marketing karte chai ai vabee, kivabe korbo?

  12. AA muhith

    dada skype ta knock dese amaka add korun pls

  13. moneybooster Family

    dada ltc dolar diye add deya jay amon ekta upay dekhan dada

  14. Rubel Rana

    Brother please tell me how to make money from CPA marketing

  15. Arman Shaikh

    আপনি 10% লুকাছেন cpa market link কোথায় আছে বলুন আপনি 90% বলেছেন 10% আসল দাদা বলুন বলুন আপনি YouTube views নিচছেন

  16. Hafejur Rahman

    thanks dada…but amer click ase onek lead to ase na..pblm ta aktu solve kore deben……..???


    Dating offer kora jabe

  18. Ariful Islam

    দাদা আপনার সাথে কথা বলার খুবই দরকার l

  19. tapas digar

    Hlw Dada Ami India theake bolche. Apaner sob video dekhi aii ja video ta apni upload krachen ta tea “trems & conditions, contact us ja ‘url’ past kr6n amio oii process kra6lm bt ‘url’ niche na.
    Pls help me dada!!
    R cpa link tau niche na.

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