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Book marketing during corona virus, covid 19 (don’t do it)

I'm nervous about this video but thought I must share a couple of huge things:
1. is giving away 2 months KU
2. Amazon's storage facilities have stopped imports; print as needed books won't ship as quick.
3. Do not try to use the outbreak as a smart marketing ploy to offer books (you 'd need to be ACTUALLY smart, and you can get a LOT of free presence if succeeded … I might make a checklist of "finest YA fantasy publications to review throughout your social distancing quarantine" or something … however this might just as conveniently backfire as well as ruin your occupation so … be sensitive and careful.
4. May be a great time to share some COST-FREE analysis material to your target market, but need is steep as tons of big organizations and also renowned writers are already offering cost-free content.

It's great time for relevant memes; yet memes can obtain countless shares and also no actual fans/sales/traction.

It's a great time for individual, vulnerable shares or stories that resonate with people.
I would not TERMINATE your strategies, if you are launching or publishing a publication soon. Release in addition to you can anyway. But, this probably will not be a great time for impulse acquires or acquisitions, and also jokes could backfire. I have actually seen some writers making use of bathroom tissue in marketing pictures – it can entirely work if you know your audience. It's * possible * I'm as well traditional and terrified to stir things up with this one …




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17 Thoughts to “Book marketing during corona virus, covid 19 (don’t do it)”

  1. Cayenne Travels

    I am writing a post apoc book, and even though its not plague related, this situation has made me lose all interest in the book. Sick of dark forboding futures now, even though the outcome of my book is largely hopefull.

    1. Derek Murphy

      that makes sense, it might be hitting too close to home right now.

  2. Ia Ong Xiong

    I have a question.. Should we push our release date to September onwards? This corona virus is taking a toll on the public.. So, I think it is not good to release a new book this soon in the Spring or Summer..

    1. Derek Murphy

      I think it depends on the book; but personally I wouldn’t wait, just be sensitive about it. People have a lot on their minds and are less likely to impulse buy from a new author; they may rely more on the trusted authors they know. But I’d rather have a book out and be writing the next one than delay everything half a year.

    2. Little Lily

      I thought about it too but later this year we will probably be flooded by new release that has been pushed back

  3. Siddharth Shukla

    ebooks, sell ebooks more than physical copies, make full use of the internet.

    1. Best Of the Best

      Siddharth Shukla this is not true , I am an author and paperbacks is doing great , better than kindle

  4. Dark Truth

    Dude, get a haircut.

    1. Ashwin Arun

      hahaha, the dark truth

    2. David Boe

      If you can’t say something nice…..dude, you’re a troll. Here’s someone acting in a kind, thoughtful, positive way, and all you can do is insult him? During this dark time of uncertainty, death and fear, with friends like you, who needs enemies? Dark Truth, try not to be a jerk.

    3. Best Of the Best

      Dark Truth it’s better to stay at home with this coronavirus

  5. P Em

    I wanted to give my book away for free but I’m on Amazon Select and legally I cant. I wish Amazon relaxed their policy or allowed free books

  6. Marilyn Vaughn

    Thanks for sharing this timely video. I’m planning to publish a book at end of July, I’m unsure of what the climate will look like then.

  7. Gabrielle Kelly

    I appreciate your stance on this. We’re facing a global pandemic, one that got to this point in the US because corporate profiteering completely gutted the healthcare system so there’s no quick way to organize or get needed supplies. Seeing anyone trying to cash out on this horrible situation just grosses me out, and I would hate to associate author branding with that.

  8. Zara Hoffman

    I put my 2 novels on sale for free for my birthday 2 days ago and did mention covid-19 (just as part of my life update). I’m not rushing to write a plague or covid-19-themed story

  9. Debbi Mack

    Good thing Albert Camus isn’t alive to hear this. 🙂

    I’m reading “The Plague” by Camus now, and I find it resonates with me, in more ways than one. It is an absolutely amazing book, which I recommend highly. In fact, I’ve read that dystopian novels (some that involve worldwide disasters like this) are really popular right now.

    I know some readers generally prefer comfort reading at a time like this, but I wouldn’t assume this is true of all readers.

    And it’s always bad to “write to trends”, which by the time you finish the book have passed.

    I have a YouTube channel where I’ve just started talking about working in isolation due to my chronic health problems. On that part, we are in complete agreement. 🙂 Be willing to be vulnerable. That’s the hard part.

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