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Affiliate Marketing, Business & COVID-19 – Let’s support each other [WP EAGLE LIVE STREAM]

The WP EAGLE live stream. In this stream we'll be speaking about the result COVID-19 is carrying organisation, Affiliate Marketing and also the globe generally.

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14 Thoughts to “Affiliate Marketing, Business & COVID-19 – Let’s support each other [WP EAGLE LIVE STREAM]”

  1. Maria Cunha

    Hi Alex you’re an awesome instructor…you provide awesome content in your videos

  2. Maria Cunha

    Good evening to all
    it’s my first time here

  3. Shannon Niessink

    Alaska representing😉

    1. Shannon Niessink

      Trump is a scary fool😥

  4. nicky heise

    live site building will be amazing!! love your videos alex

  5. Hasta La Vista Boss

    I’m working on the construction site they were talking about on the news Alex … we’re still working.

    Apparently we are part of the “esential” workers. At least, for this project. It’s for Heathrow. We’re building the new Terminal 2 … so I guess someone up there said “show must go on”.

    On the business side, I believe I was affected as well. Not onyl from the online income but from my property investment as well. We’ll se how bad it is when I’ll do the Income Report at the end of the month😫🤷‍♂️

  6. Pippi Peterson

    Hi Alex, do you have any content on the new required PA API credentials that we had to “merge”? I tried to reset my new secret key up from the new creds I created in Amazon and now I get a message saying it’s being throttled. I changed the speed to the slowest and it still says that. I have sales recently so I don’t think it’s that I haven’t sold enough. I’ve searched and I must be missing a keyword or phrase because I’m not seeing anyone talking about this. Any ideas or sources to figure this out? I’m so bummed, I guess I waited too long and ALL my products are now gone. Whole store in empty 🙁

    1. Pippi Peterson

      Just to clarify, it’s the Woozone app that says that message about throttling and the new creds wont connect. I also haven’t updated Woocommerce as it says Woozone has not been tested with it. I’m a little scared to do that! :0

  7. domain mojo

    I came on here to thank you personally WP. I don’t know if you remember, but late last year I commented on one of your videos, expressing my surprise that people were still making money with niche sites “in 2019”. 🙂
    I didn’t think it was viable or “a thing” anymore.

    At that point, I thought it was dead and I thought I missed the train back in 2012 when I tried my hand at it but decided to put it on the back burner.
    You replied to my comment (you did sound a bit irritated by it 🙂 ) and because of that, I decided that it was better late than never; so I immediately joined an affiliate training marketing program that also focusses on building niche sites and I am well into it and, albeit small now- I’m starting to see some commissions. I must say again-

    *THANK YOU MATE! From the bottom of my heart!*
    I really, really mean it. That one, seemingly “insignificant” vid, changed my fortunes and my life!

    1. WP Eagle

      Thanks for the comment I really appreciate it. Good luck with your site!

  8. affiliate few tuber

    hi can i ask you i have wp website using click bank items but when i hover over a item it makes it large but then when i hover over another item it shows the same previous item regards ian

  9. Lexie Scott

    Do you offer content services, I’ve been looking but can’t find it.

    1. WP Eagle

      I don’t anymore. Use textun or BKAContent. Get a discount with code “WPEAGLE”

    2. Lexie Scott

      @WP Eagle ok no worries

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