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9 Top Tips for Working from Home for the First Time #covid19 #coronavirus

Working from home for the first time may seem like a desire come true, however reality be informed, it can be incredibly tough. Here are 9 things we think you require to recognize plus a vital benefit 10th suggestion at the end concerning working from house to make sure you deal with two of the most awful adversaries in this room: clinical depression and diversion. Add your ideas below in the remarks!

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Part 1: Obtaining Your Advertising And Marketing Plan With Each Other (Company Objectives).

Part 2: Remembering THAT you are, WHO you serve plus doing a competitor refresh.

Part 3: Including the 7P's of Advertising in your strategy.

Part 4: How MUCH to invest, WHERE to spend it and HOW to track it.



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8 Thoughts to “9 Top Tips for Working from Home for the First Time #covid19 #coronavirus”

  1. Bronson Lee

    I hit a like button i still try to watch videos how to find CEO email address i found two guys but it is chaotic cause of my computer illiteracy but i hope i can organize what i dont get it and i will provide those two guys and my questions so hope u can assist me or guide me how to approach this. Anyway this is a good content stay healthy and happy as usual. Mahalo. Old man who is a fan of ur channel good to see u

    1. The ADS Agency

      Good to see you too! I hope you and your wife are staying oh-so-safe in Hawaii and that your daughter and her family are being oh-so-careful in Cali! About the CEO email address: what kinds of CEO’s of what kinds of companies are you trying to reach?

    2. The ADS Agency

      @Roland Travas travel and food – how lovely! I hope you get to do more of that soon. Do you feel people are taking all the proper precautions in India and staying home largely? Take care too and please be safe!

    3. Bronson Lee

      @The ADS Agency hello there mainly if i find the names of a small hotels owner/CEO. Or a particular commercial bldg owners their direct email addresses i chose 2 guys out of 6 or 7 these guys are good but cause of my computer illiteracy and slowness i cannot understand also they go too fast so i need to keep repeating so i can summarize my organized questions for ur tip tricks or guide so i can figure these things out let me give u those two guys channels. 1. This is a indian guy. Title. How to get email addresses of linkedin profiles -find ceo. Founder cofounders email addresses. His channel name AZHARUL RAFY. 2 title how to build a cold email list using linked in. His channel is. MARKETING. HY. i think i need to learn about google docs and google spreadsheet first i got lost from there so i am trying to search how to learn. And i will have to well ornize with what i do not know so i can minimize ur valuable times nit to be wasted if u are so busy then do not worry i will just work on tweetdeck first i have many many peopel on its list for tweekdek i know this old man should not waste ur time if u run into channels that are better and easier tutorials fot this old man how to find ceo email addresses please inform me. Yes my wife went back to Cali to take care of twins grandkids my daughter had to make a business trip so i am sirt of worried about them with this horrible virus i want u to stay sade and healthy i admire u to do excercise i know i nwed to go backt to it i had to.come back alone i got works to do. Warm Aloha. Mahalo. Once again if u are busy dont worry about ceo email addresses i am pretty computer illiterate shame shame lol😁

  2. Mikki220

    Thank you! It is tough to scramble and start working remotely.

    1. The ADS Agency

      I know it is! I hope this helped! How is everything coming along for you so far? Were you able to create a little workspace for yourself?

  3. The ADS Agency

    Are you having to work from home for the first time? Share your thoughts and feelings below. We’d love to hear them and help where we can! Or, if you have a helpful tip to share for others, please do!

  4. F.R. Humphrey

    Great tips. Thanks!

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