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3 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for Business in 2020 (LIVE on Stage)

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This video has my most recent Facebook Advertising and marketing Tips, Methods & Approaches for business owners in 2020. Several of the approach in this video clip is directly from Dennis Yu with team Strike Nation. Delight in!

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About Antoine Dupont
Antoine is an identified expert and also strategist in electronic advertising. He's a prize-winning advertising firm proprietor as well as an audio speaker at national & worldwide conferences. He incorporates 18 years in advertising and marketing and also 15 years in the hospitality industry. His very first task out of college was working for Gordon Ramsey in London at Le Gavroche.

Antoine takes a trip the globe sharing his strategy and approach to marketers and also business owners. His objective is to improve list building as well as business development by means of his tested advertising and marketing strategies. Because of this, he is a sought-after professional on finding the methods that function.

His past clients consist of Workplace Depot, Unilever, The Sports Authority, Environment for Mankind. Recent appearances consist of discussions at INBOUND18, PRINT18, MPI WEC 2018 & Digitalium 2018 (Romania) and also several others.

Note this summary consists of affiliate links that permit you to find the products mentioned in this video and also sustain the network at no cost to you. While this channel might gain minimal sums when the viewer utilizes the web links, the visitor is in No Chance obliged to use these web links. Thank you for your support!

Born & raised in Paris – Je parle Francais

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31 Thoughts to “3 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for Business in 2020 (LIVE on Stage)”

  1. Chris Nicassio

    It’s nice the president tweets and communicates with us without the press as the middlemen. Wake up, the left is trying to destroy capitalism and if they succeeded we are back to slaves and sheep

    1. Josiah Utah

      I totally agree with you! Totally not the point of his video though.

  2. Josiah Utah

    Awesome video! Just what I needed right now. Thank you!

    1. Antoine Dupont

      You are very welcome!!

  3. niand01

    Great info as usuall Antione! did u get my info i sent? P Steele

    1. Antoine Dupont

      Thank you. What info?

  4. mohamed akram slimani

    i looove you man

    1. Antoine Dupont

      I love you too

  5. Benjamin Anderson

    awesome video Antoine I have been watching your videos and have been learning ALOT you are my favorite channel on youtube now, funny thing, I just noticed I hadn’t subscribed to you yet, and I see why, you don’t ask to subscribe at the start of your videos or towards the end, I think this is a strategy you should start implementing.

    1. Antoine Dupont

      Thank you my friend. I’ll make sure to add it!!

  6. Linda McRae

    I’ve heard Facebook is doing away with “likes’. Have you heard that? Good video, thanks!

    1. Antoine Dupont

      I heard that with Instagram, and I don’t know about Facebook removing the likes. Apparently they will test it in North America first and roll it out. Thank you for watching. Cheers! 🍾

  7. niand01

    cu’mon Antoine, more vids more vids more vids

    1. Antoine Dupont

      Ha…thank you my friend. I’m done from traveling by the end of November and plan on producing a whole bunch. Stay tuned. Cheers.

  8. niand01

    ca mpn ca mon! new vid lad

  9. Marissa Williams

    I would say you are right except for one specific thing, Facebook Marketplace is creating the ‘intent to buy’ factor for users now. But of course, it’s mostly for second-hand items, not services. Just to clarify. 🙂 But I do think this will grow over time as they refine the marketplace and users discover and create more strategies for it.

    1. Antoine Dupont

      yes, mostly 2nd hand stuff.
      I’m not saying that they won’t buy anything, but their intent when they logged in their feed wasn’t to make a purchase.

  10. Tanya Gioia

    How are you getting the videos to the right viewers if you start with the why? Then how and what? How do you get them to next video stage?

    1. Antoine Dupont

      using the data collected – show this video to people who watch the “why” video only – in essence, creating a funnel based on engagement.

  11. Jeremy West

    Always solid, usable content from you, Antoine. I like the specifics you present here and now I am reducing the time of the video I have been creating for Facebook. Most of mine run 2 min but now I am going to test the :20-:90sec timeframe as well as aim for the happy middle of 60 Seconds. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Thanks again!

    1. Antoine Dupont

      Thank you Jeremy and good luck to you!

    2. Jeremy West

      @Antoine Dupont Thank you, sir!

  12. Eugen Malatov

    Hello Antoine, you are great!!! great content!

    1. Antoine Dupont

      Thank you very much Eugen!

  13. Yngve Leyn

    Great analysis of our current state of social media confusion! Energetic and inspiring talk, thanks!

    1. Antoine Dupont

      Thank you so much!!

  14. Bobster986

    Great video! I market my products to niche clients and have joined many different FB groups to market to them, but even though these groups allow members to advertise items that they want to sell to other members, FB keeps temporarily suspending me from making posts. This is what they tell me… “You may have used Facebook in a way that our systems consider unusual, even if you didn’t mean to.You can post again in 13 days”. Why is this? Thanks!

  15. Home Team Records

    Same…When I wanted so much to get into the Philippines people’s hearts and give them the best and easiest option to be their own employed, on selling FRY ICE CREAM MACHINES and more, so people were so happy and excited coz for most of them life wasn’t easy on taking the transportation and some people were paying even 200pesos daily to reach Manila and for a shameful salary that most FOREIGNERS who only have their own miserable interest in making money they are paying so less. Long story short, people were just so happy to buy a kg of bananas, and other fruits some M&M Nutella, etc and run their own small but very profitable business. I love them so much and I love those who really want to work happily and make some honest fair money for how much they work. Not selling some stupid things and items which will not bring people nothing than just a simple satisfaction but later they still face economic problems and many more, but to give them something to do something that they can provide their own fair income. Wonderful presentation Antonie Dupont and I have still learned a lot from you. Bless you!

    1. Antoine Dupont

      thank you !!

  16. elove78

    Great info. Thanks!

    1. Antoine Dupont

      You are welcome!!

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