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POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands 2.0 (UPDATED!)

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Regarding This Video clip:.

This video clip is an updated version of the original POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Apparel Brands video that was uploaded in the early days of Apparel Success. This video clip includes upgraded tips and also tricks for exactly how to expand your Instagram account, get more followers, more interaction as well as make more sales for your clothing line in 2018. Do not tension regarding the algorithm – I've got you covered. Take pleasure in the video clip!

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33 Thoughts to “POWERFUL Instagram Marketing Tips For Clothing Brands 2.0 (UPDATED!)”

  1. President Fly

    How you feel about the sponsored ads on instagram? Is it worth it for a clothing brand?

    1. Apparel Success

      I have a video on it called how to create engaging Facebook ads. Thanks!

    2. President Fly

      Apparel Success ok searching now

    3. PandasFriend32

      How about instagram

  2. Eduardo Gonzalez

    Video on collabs

    1. Apparel Success

      Yeah bahd !

  3. HAYCH

    wheres the proof that you make five figures in sales EVERY month ..

    1. Apparel Success

      Thanks for the comment. Would love to show you but we don’t disclose our finances publicly. In the video I said we “make up to five figures a month in sales.” Some months it’s a bit under, some months it’s a bit over. I respect your natural skepticism. Feel free to not believe me if you want. I’m not offended! I feel the same way when other people tell me that as well. Thanks again for the comment

  4. Will Vice

    Love the advice about the highlights man. Thank you

    1. Apparel Success

      You’re welcome man!

  5. Nevin X

    wicked video from the mastermind himself now that im working again probably going to pick up that insta course I like that its a step by step shows what you do everyday with Kaybahd

    1. Apparel Success

      Thanks bahd! I seriously appreciate how often you comment and contribute. Means a lot!!

    2. Nevin X

      No worries man anything I can do to show you some support, you give us so much valuable information all your videos are concise to the point and just help so much!! Apparel Success is just hands down the best clothing brand advice channel on youtube

    3. Apparel Success

      THANK YOU!

  6. GloNavy Jared

    I have a question. How do you embed your shop into your photos? Like when I click on a picture with a product of yours you can just click the little thing tagged on the picture and it takes me to buy it

    1. Apparel Success

      You have to link your business account to your Facebook page and then create the products in the shop on your Facebook page.

    2. GloNavy Jared

      Apparel Success thank you!!!!!


      Apparel Success when i do that thought it sends them to the facebook product and not my shop product

    4. modern studies

      +Apparel Success is that done in facebook admin or Insta

  7. The 25thsaint Club

    Legot vid fam. No e channel

    1. Apparel Success

      Thanks for the comment. Appreciate it

  8. abhishek singh

    Very helpful video man keep it up 👌🏼 god bless you

  9. Nathan Aguinaga

    Damn bro this fr a huge inspiration. I’m 18 rn just started community college hopefully majoring n business and there’s nothing I want more than starting my own business and this really helped me. Hope ur brand grows like crazy u deserve it!

    1. Nathan Aguinaga

      The reason why I even clicked on this video was because my friends rich parents decided to help his son create his own online designer clothing brand. They made him a website that does not look professional at all nor does he have good models for his clothing. His parents invested a lot of money n raw materials but is not able to expose his brand to anyone. Did I mention his clothing brand does not have a target audience because he has no business moral/culture and the clothing it’s self doesn’t exactly standout.

      I feel like it could be an opportunity for me to step in and run it for him because I have no capital to create something on my own.

    2. Nathan Aguinaga

      If I were to present him a business plan I believe it would open his eyes on how to grow his company. Although it would be great for him I would gain nothing. Advice ?

    3. ALPHVH

      Nathan Aguinaga Business can be fun and quite the unique experience. However when you start dealing with other people you risk liability and complications that otherwise would not arise if you were a sole proprietor. Now this doesn’t mean you cant work with your friend you simply need to ensure there is a strong foundation of trust and determine whether or not your friend is as driven as you to grow the business. His resources may be tempting however if there is a lack of passion they will be misplaced and if you are the one who benefits most your capital could easily be lost. Talk to him about it subtly and try to determine if the passion is there or if you can build it within him. Once this is done you both can can share the workload and have an easier time optimizing the business. Sorry if it’s too late i figured i’d put some insight in as i am also a young entrepreneur with a clothing business.

  10. Vetle Aurbakken

    How do you trademark you logo?

  11. Raaika Clothing

    Hi, We are a great follower of your videos. Could you please tell us how Do you use the feature to tag your products on your Instagram post?

    Thanks in Advance. 🙂

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