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How to Start Social Media Marketing (4 ESSENTIAL Tips for Beginners)

You recognize you require to be on social media sites however as a beginner, it's frustrating as well as complex. So just how do you begin? ► Subscribe: to read more secret SEO tips.
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You understand you require to be on social media sites. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Some of one of the most popular sites around on the web. Even Snapchat, even though Instagram is squashing it, it's still doing actually well. They have over a hundred million energetic customers daily. Yet as a novice, all of this is overwhelming and also challenging. So exactly how do you begin? Hey, everybody, I'm Neil Patel, as well as today I'm gon na share with you exactly how to begin with social media sites as a beginner.

0:30 How to Begin Social Media Advertising Idea # 1.
The first thing you require to do is choose the right social network. Yes, there's a great deal of them. Whether it's Facebook, whether it's LinkedIn, whether it's Twitter, it's up to you on which network you want to be on. You could be on every one of them yet if you're in all of them you're not gon na spend sufficient time to make these accounts fantastic.

3:30 How to Beginning Social Media Advertising Suggestion # 2.
Today that you have a best one, the 2nd thing you require to do is begin producing material. Yes, you resemble hi I have no friends, I have no following. It doesn't matter no person's gon na adhere to if you don't have any web content. So begin creating web content. That starts with completing your account.

4:30 How to Beginning Social Network Advertising Idea # 3.
Since you're developing content, the next thing you require to do is develop a connection. And you require to construct a connection with individuals, it's a social media. Just because you're on a computer system does not indicate you're not connecting with humans. So make certain you're friending all the people that you know, following them. You're involving, right you're constructing connections.

6:00 Exactly How to Begin Social Media Site Advertising Pointer # 4.
And also the last idea is don't go for follower matter. It's all about having useful connections, personal ones. Since if your initial 100 followers or fans aren't that engaged with you, all these social media networks have it in their algorithms where they're considering a percent.

If you're still puzzled on exactly how to get going with social networks, leave a remark listed below I'll address, I'll help you out. If there's anything I can do to help you simply allow me know. I really am here to help you prosper. Thank you for seeing. Please comment, share, like, and also tell other people regarding this video.

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37 Thoughts to “How to Start Social Media Marketing (4 ESSENTIAL Tips for Beginners)”

  1. Ayush -

    *Hey Neil,*

    I am 15 y/o, I’m working on a Web design firm. I was looking to create content on YouTube but considering my voice as a kid
    would you advice me to do YT ?{and I can’t afford someone for voice-over because of limited budget}
    If Not, then
    *_What other social media type should i use instead of YouTube?_*

    1. Deanna Henry

      Were you from I wanna help you with this I’m 14

    2. Adarsh Bokke

      +Ayush – hmu we’ll start a channel

    3. Rudra Prasad

      hay i just started with my new YouTube channel a little support would be great. love from INDIA

    4. Tech wala Tohi

      Ayush you can start with IGTV…there you can post 2-3 min videos on a regular basis

  2. Ambesh Tiwari

    I’m a big fan of yours! Like it if you are!

  3. Adilur Rahman

    Love your content.

  4. Baldeep Birak

    Neil on linked in should you post to your feed after posting to your company page?

    Also how often should I add to my company page? Daily, weekly? Thanks.

    1. Neil Patel

      Test. See what works for your particular audience. Once a day is not considered a lot. I wouldn’t do more than that but you can see if daily works better than weekly.

  5. Parth Vyas

    Thanks Neil for sharing wonderful insights!
    Here are my today’s take aways:
    (1) Shortlist your Social Networks wisely by looking at your audience. Then choose 1 social network and be best on that.

    (2) Focus on content generation. (Check your competitors and find what type of content is getting them results and take an inspiration from them)

    (3) Respond to your audience who leaves their feedback on your content. [Here, I would like to share a suggestion which is very useful for me while delivering results for my clients: From your keyboard settings, go to “Text Replacement” feature and start using it. With this, as soon as I write the same text which I have entered in settings, then that will be replaced immediately with long entered sentences! So for each content, I create that text replacement so I can respond to everyone and still save time].

    (4) During initial 3-6 months, focus on educating your audience so they know who you are. Once they are connected with you and know you well, then proceed with selling.

  6. Mattpaul03

    Great vid Neil! Just curious, what’s your honest opinion on SMMA’s / Facebook Ad agency courses? They legit in the Long run? Cheers!

  7. LickMyDorrito

    Neil Patel is the GOAT dont @ me

    1. Abhishek Parameswaran

      LickMyDorrito triggered

    2. Rudra Prasad

      hay i just started with my new YouTube channel a little support would be great. love from INDIA

  8. Wyndell Dickinson

    Hi Neil I find your information super helpful, I am an Olympic athlete literally competed in the 1992 Olympic games now speed coach and personal trainer, which social media would you recommend for best results thanks? Or maybe even an idea.

  9. Ishan Sharma

    Heyy neil … just wanna know
    Niche site vs authority (general) site .. which is better according to you.

  10. Himanshu Singh

    Hey Neil , we are into event management. How to generate good leads on social media for corporate event n wedding planning

  11. Tabish Bashir

    I’ve started an anime blog. Which social media would you recommend? Thanks.

    1. Rudra Prasad

      hay i just started with my new YouTube channel a little support would be great. love from INDIA

  12. Mia Alja

    Hi Neil! Which social platform works best for immigration consulting (b2c) where my leads need to fit a specific demographic. For instance, ages 18-35, either highly educated( Master) or looking into pursuing an education in Canada. Much appreciated, thanks!

  13. Adam abdul shakoor

    HI Neil, Loved your videos.
    can you suggest me social media platform for my WordPress maintenance service?
    more tips appreciated.


    1. Neil Patel

      LinkedIn is good for B2B services like this

  14. The Shot LIFE Project

    hey Neil! thank you for these valuable tips! I was actually promoting my business ventures from day 1. I was so wrong. Thank you for this and keep making amazing content <3

    1. Neil Patel

      You are very welcome!


    Thank you so much for this amazing tips my business is to sell man’s cloth.
    and i also have a youtube channel name STYLE HUT and on my channel, I teach man about fashion, grooming and fitness types of thing.
    and I also talk about my product on my video.
    so what’s your suggestion about my concept.

  16. Travel with Shama

    Hii Neil – I am in Hotel Review Business and Photography ( i am not good at that ). What Social media will be Good for me

    1. Neil Patel

      Instagram would be good for you

  17. Robert Fenn

    Hey Neil, Thanks for this very insightful and specific pointer to social media. I am in real estate help me out here please!

    1. Neil Patel

      You are very welcome!

  18. Kerpal 99

    My Instgram is tbayboss, social media can help prove many aspects of ones life

    1. Kerpal 99

      As a digital diary

  19. Mukesh Jha

    Hey Neil,

    Thanks for your valuable information on Social media Topics. I love the way you explain.

    1. Neil Patel

      You’re very welcome!

  20. Ron Garrett

    Hi, Niel

    I am about to launch my Online ESL business, targeting the Asian market to gain students. I am offering 1 on 1 live video sessions. What would be the BEST social network to market on? And how to find the needed niches and forums to advertise on?

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