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How Josue Pena Makes $25,000 A Week On Instagram! 😱 (Instagram Marketing Agency)

In this interview with Instagram specialist Josue Pena, he will certainly be explaining specifically how he is making $25,000 a week with Instagram! Instagram is still the wild west, as well as the moment to get on this opportunity is now. If you wish to discover exactly how to earn money as well as grow a following on Instagram, this will be a terrific video series for you to see!

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49 Thoughts to “How Josue Pena Makes $25,000 A Week On Instagram! 😱 (Instagram Marketing Agency)”

  1. Zachary Laid Finding Freedom

    Ryan your green jacket with the *white stripe* is lit 🔥

    1. Ryan Scribner

      Thanks Zachary!

  2. Oscar Martinez - Stock Market Hustler

    Congrats on reaching 300k subscribers bro you growing quite fast keep it up 👍

    1. Ryan Scribner

      Thanks a lot Oscar, I appreciate your continued support!

  3. TheJusticefornone

    Congrats on reaching 300k subscribers Ryan!

    1. Ryan Scribner

      Thanks a lot my friend!

    1. Josue Pena - Online CEOs

      is a latin thing… i speak kinda fast 😛

    2. darnsmall

      Playback speed is your friend

  4. BABY - Become A Better You

    *What he says about not needing too many clients to hit your goal revenue is very true. From personal experience I’d say always put your price at least 15% higher than your competitors, you won’t only cut down on the number of clients, you’ll cut down on their BS all day long and the costs of managing that BS. I have raised my prices 50% in 2018 and am making 75% more than I used to before that.*

    1. Ryan Scribner

      That is amazing! I 100% agree. High paying customers are high quality customers.

    2. Josue Pena - Online CEOs

      yaassss!! love it 😉 higher quality clients = higher quality results = less BS = everyone’s happy <3

    3. Ajay Chauhan

      Agreed… Also, know your worth. You get what you pay for. Quality work!

    4. Brandon Aguilar

      +Josue Pena – Online CEOs Great info, speed is on point for amount of info dropped. I am lookin for a hands on instagram management coach to get me started. Can you point me in the right direction to finding a coach/mentor in San Francisco Bay area? I’m ready to take action and want to do it right!
      Thank you, Great videos!

    5. Taylor Albaugh

      You’re running an agency? Dude, super interesting to hear your business model!

  5. Ryan Scribner

    Will Facebook or Instagram be more popular by 2020? *LIKE* for Facebook *COMMENT* for Instagram!

    1. Keith Thomas

      I’d bet money on insta even though they are owned by fb I believe insta will gain more traction

    2. illeodavinci

      Instagram, by far💪

    3. Josue Pena - Online CEOs

      I belibe Instagram 😉

    4. NR Rahman

      Ryan Scribner instagram

  6. Denise Gagne

    Could u talk any faster

    1. Josue Pena - Online CEOs

      I will try, it is hard hahaha

  7. AthleticInvestor

    Instagram has HUGE potential. I am invested in Facebook for the long term

  8. Kelvin Checo

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug lol

    1. Josue Pena - Online CEOs

      LOOOL na na na chill
      It is a latino thing. i speak a lil fast 😛

  9. kappeli kapeli

    I have 27.8k following but only make about a 100 euros a month!

    1. Ryan Scribner

      Lots of different ways to make money with Instagram, you should explore some different options!

    2. Howard Dixon

      Thanks probably 100 more than you deserve.

    3. kappeli kapeli

      +Howard Dixon wow, why so mean 😂

    4. Howard Dixon

      +kappeli kapeli i didnt mean to be mean. Lol i guess it does come across as kinda mean….sorry

    5. kappeli kapeli

      +Howard Dixon no problem. Still, what did you mean by that?

  10. K. Weis Investments

    Congrats on 300k subs

    1. Ryan Scribner

      Thanks a lot my friend!

  11. Seth Chestosky

    Hey Ryan could you do an analyst video on Activision/blizzard?

  12. Rocking Finance

    Finally the video came out! I was wandering what happened after that original announcement…

    1. Ryan Scribner

      Seemed like people hated that Premier feature! Lol…

  13. Rocking Finance

    I think that Instagram is the new Facebook. I personally started “sliding” into Instagram more a couple years ago, since I believe people are more about visual than reading text. Especially after all these Facebook bad news… but hey, Facebook owns Instagram, so it’s not gonna hurt them, only benefit.

    1. Ryan Scribner

      Excellent point! Visual stuff is a lot easier to digest

  14. Kyzo

    Just show us a example like a challenge to make money in a certain amount of time through ads this would be so mush easier

    1. Josue Pena - Online CEOs

      Sometimes easier things are not the right thing you need to make money 😉

  15. Self Tessellation

    Alex becker…

  16. Ishan Sharma

    Heyy all the stuff is good.. but how to get or approach clients who can pay that much ??

    1. Ryan Scribner

      Ishan that is the topic of the fourth part of this series coming out Friday so stay tuned!

  17. rtcmanga

    Once again really interesting business model! Thanks for introducing! 🙂

    1. Ryan Scribner

      No problem! That is my goal with these videos to expose you all to new ideas and businesses.

  18. For The Love Of Games

    You guys should post less of what to do and more on how to do but love the educational videos and positive content.

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